Open Live Writer – User Manual 2016 [CHM]

img_56b775e82dfb1 Open Live Writer - User Manual 2016 [CHM]

Open Live Writer – 2016 User Manual [CHM File]

If you’re a blog author or if you used Windows Live Writer to generate your blog posts, or if you are just getting started with blogging, this a great resource for all the options of Open Live Writer. Microsoft has released Windows Live Writer to the Open Source community and it’s actively being developed again. This manual will give you the information and options you need to know about in Open Live Writer to help you blog better. There’s a ton of screenshots and examples to reference.

The User Manual is current as of this time [2/07/2016], but as Open Live Writer adds more features, the manual will be updated to reflect those changes.

Open-Live-Writer Open Live Writer - User Manual 2016 [CHM]

You can download the manual I created here.

‘Unofficial’ Open Live Writer User manual


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