Sep 04 2015

Modular/Stackable Smartphones and PCs is the right choice

I saw this post today on Mashable reported that Acer was going to be building a component-based PC. I think the concept of having a component-based PC is a great idea. Historically a PC is a component-based device, but working on it can be intimidating to some people. The way Acer is approaching the modular PC is that the various portions of the PC are broken down into stackable pieces.

If you want to upgrade your main PC, your hard drive or your graphics card, you simply swap out components out of the stack. Historically, upgrades like this to a traditional PC would mean taking off the case, using a screwdriver making sure you have compatible components, avoiding ground issues [frying your CPU] and then you have to put everything back together again and hope everything is fully seated and tighten down.

I think it’s a great idea.

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Sep 02 2015

Review: UnoTelly

As users of the world move towards streaming content and using services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, they are running into problems where they can’t stream their content because of geographical restrictions. Some areas or countries of the world don’t allow for streaming media. This forces some users out into the fray to find solutions to their problems.

UnoTelly is one of those solutions. UnoTelly is a DNS/VPN service that allows for masking of traffic. This enables users of geographical area that doesn’t normally have access to streaming media to circumvent that problem.

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Aug 13 2015

Comcast rep. calls customer STUPID; customer switches to EPB Fiber while on hold

It’s such an amazing thing to see a company like Comcast treat their customers with such complete disregard. Comcast has been named one of the worst companies in the United States as far as customer service and being the most hated. They earned this title simply by treating their customers like pieces of crap and providing poor service.

Some of the more recent experiences that we’ve heard about from Comcast was from where the person was trying to cancel their service and Comcast was giving him a hard time. Another instance was where Comcast was changing customers names to something little more explicit.

Being in the Chattanooga, TN area [Gig City], I get to enjoy the ultra fast gigabit Internet transfer speeds of EPB fiber. But there’s still a lot of customers have Comcast and simply don’t want to change the service because they’d been with Comcast for so long; they just don’t want the hassle. Some people will endure the poor service and poor customer support simply because they don’t want to change, and sometimes all they need is just a little push.

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Aug 11 2015

Review: U8 SmartWatch

Recently, I picked up a you U8 SmartWatch for doing a review. In the past, I’ve made comments and posted articles about how I think the concept of SmartWatches is just a horrible idea. The whole driving factor behind SmartWatches is for manufacturers to simply prove that small devices with limited abilities can be manufactured and people will buy them simply because they’re small and they have a touchscreen.

I didn’t purchase the U8 SmartWatch because I wanted one. I purchased a SmartWatch because I wanted to get a general idea, hands-on, with one of these devices so that I can give a hands-on honest opinion. I chose the U8 SmartWatch because it’s one of the most economical SmartWatches that’s out right now.

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Jul 15 2015

Review: PDF Converter Elite 4

I was recently approached to do a review on some PDF converter software, PDF Converter Elite 4. I’ve taken last week or so to look over the software, to play with it and test its abilities.I have always felt that the key to proper document management is the ease of use, abilities and cost-effectiveness. PDF Converter Elite 4 easily meets those requirements.

In the world of managing documents, PDF documents are the most common. From there, it makes the most sense to be able to manage PDF documents in the most effective way possible. There’s lots of applications on the market that work with PDF documents, but in some cases you may need to convert PDF documents to something else that’s more flexible when it comes to editing.

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