Feb 11 2016

There’s Definitely A Problem With Lip-syncing and Smart TVs


I recently purchased a new TV. It wasn’t because my old TV was bad, it was about five years old, but surprisingly, my wife was actually wanting a bigger TV. I like to preach that I don’t want a smart TV, I want a “dumb TV”. I just want a TV that can display a nice, clear and crisp picture. The sound doesn’t even have to be great, I have a sound system for that; as most people do.

The new TV that I purchased was a Vizio E65–C3. It’s a 65 inch LED display, and it’s a smart TV with a quad-core processor. It’s not necessarily the TV that I wanted, but it was a great deal for the price.

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Feb 08 2016

Internet: Xfinity Comcast vs. EPB

There continues to be a battle in Tennessee to allow municipalities that provide Internet service to expand beyond a certain range. Companies like AT&T and Comcast, and other cable companies, are fighting to keep their territories monopolized.

Comcast’s strongest point with customer retention as a do with long-term customers who don’t like change or are afraid of change.

Personally, I have not been a Comcast Xfinity customer for a very long time, but since Comcast contacted me about changing from EPB, I decided to indulge myself with a little bit of research and comparison between Xfinity and EPB Internet services.

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Feb 07 2016

Super Bowl 50 Was Great Unless You Were Using CBS Sports Streaming Service


Last year, more than 1.3 million people watched the Super Bowl through NBC’s streaming service. This year, CBS did the same with their streaming service. You are able to watch the Super Bowl through CBS’s streaming application and with media streaming boxes like Roku.

Customer got to stream the Super Bowl in high definition and unlike some problems last year, Cord Cutters got to watch those famous commercials well.

The previous year Fox had done the same thing with streaming the Super Bowl and the statistics from that event was about 1.1 million users. Obviously, there’s a demand for being able to stream huge events like the Super Bowl.

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Feb 04 2016

Review: iRulu 10.1 inch WalknBook PC tablet [w1007]


PC tablets that are able to run Windows 10 are starting to become more popular. Recently, I got the opportunity to take a closer look at iRulu’s new WalknBook. It has a 10.1 inch screen [IPS], runs Windows 10 home edition and it comes with a detachable keyboard.

The specifications for the tablet are not high-end but the tablet makes itself a great contender for people who are looking for PC tablets that are running the latest operating system and is capable of running your standard applications, without having to compromise going to android or iOS.

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Feb 01 2016

Will PC Games Make A Comeback?


Back in mid-2015, there is an article about PC games making a comeback. In my opinion, PC gaming has taken a big hit since the entrance of the gaming consoles.

Gaming consoles take the headaches of having to learn anything technical to make something happen. If your PC gamer, a diehard PC gamer, not only are you intelligent but you love playing games with high-end graphics. PC gamers want the absolute best experience possible, game options, customization options and if there like me, they don’t want to use a game controller.

Game consoles allow simple people to eliminate the problems of upgrading hardware, dealing with slow CPUs, software patches, and updates, etc. they do not have to learn anything, they just have to buy the console and a game and play.

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