My 2.5 Months with DirecTV Now (so far)

img_5ae9d4bf58c8a My 2.5 Months with DirecTV Now (so far)

As just another person that’s disappointed with their cable service, I’m exploring options for getting my entertainment elsewhere. In addition to digitizing the bulk of my video library, I recently saw the advertisements by DirecTV Now. Their introductory offer is three months of streaming TV service for $10 a month; their baseline service.

At this point, I’ve had their service for about 2 1/2 months. Overall, I think everything is gone well. The streaming quality of the service is very good. It’s kind of interesting getting used to having to select channels that are not already numbered. You have to remember that you can’t just open the DirecTV Now service and punch in a number for the channel, you actually have to browse for the name of the channel.

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Gmail’s re-design; too little, too late, too little

img_5ae0d00994168 Gmail's re-design; too little, too late, too little

Back in May 2013, Google’s Gmail had made some changes to their user interface, but the fact was that not enough changes were made to the interface to make it attractive. Microsoft’s looks and acts far superior; it’s clean design and function speaks for itself. Plus, it’s the preferred layout that pretty much everyone uses/expects.

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That Cheap Garage Door Opener From eBay

image_thumb-17 That Cheap Garage Door Opener From eBay

I have to admit since I purchased my Google Home, I’ve been trying to find ways to automate various things around the house. One of the easiest/quickest things to do is to purchase the smart outlets or smart plugs. Recently, I was looking at smart options for garage door openers. I went looking through eBay and found a very low-cost solution; it’s not glamorous, but it does work.

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Before Sharing Your Plex Media Server

image_thumb-16 Before Sharing Your Plex Media Server

If you have a Plex Media Server, you know how convenient it is to have access to your media anywhere you go and on any device. Having access your media (music or videos) is something that you can easily go to your friends and family and brag on how awesome it is; you might even be inclined to offer them access to your Plex Media Server.

This might be a mistake on your part…

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Picking BitDefender For Antivirus Protection

image_thumb-12 Picking BitDefender For Antivirus Protection

I’ve been using Bitdefender for several years. I started using Bitdefender when I started referencing the AV-Comparatives website that independently tests the performance and security of antivirus software. Prior to that, I had been using Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender. Unfortunately, by using Windows Defender, it allowed malware to infect my PC and it basically destroyed the operating system.

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The Misplaced Trust And Breach Of Privacy By Facebook

image_thumb-6 The Misplaced Trust And Breach Of Privacy By Facebook

The question of handling user data with Facebook is nothing new. Users and privacy groups have been concerned with how Facebook utilizes user data for a long time. This past week, it has become abundantly clear that Facebook is not putting enough emphasis on handling and protecting user data. All this comes after revelations that Facebook data was used to target users with disinformation.

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PlexPy is now Tautulli

image_thumb-4 PlexPy is now Tautulli

For those who run a Plex Media Server, you know that one of the weakest points of having a Plex server is not having statistics baked into the application. You don’t have information about how many users you’re serving up how many streams, how many transcodes and what are the peak hours of the day. The information you really want to know if you’re running a Plex server for more than just a few people.

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Easy Media Server Storage Solutions

image_thumb-2 Easy Media Server Storage Solutions

If you’ve been running a media server for any amount of time (like Plex or Emby), you realize how fast your media library can build up and how much storage it can require. The good news is that storage space on hard drives seems to double on a very rapid basis. So finding a hard drive with ample storage space isn’t really going to be a problem, but upgrading from time to time should be a concern.

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Using Mini Smart Sockets

image_thumb Using Mini Smart Sockets

Over the past year or so, I’ve been getting into using the Google Home (assistant). It’s nice to be able to turn lights on, ask general questions and set appointments just by talking.

But one of the most disappointing things about the Google Home habitat is the ancillary devices/switches. A lot of them are fairly expensive. Running around $40 per socket or device. From my view, it’s excessive.

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Drone Racing – The Sport That Started An Entirely New Industry

image_thumb-6 Drone Racing - The Sport That Started An Entirely New Industry

Most of us know drones as a hobby and a great way to pass the time, but an entirely new industry surrounding drones is beginning to emerge. Drone racing is becoming the latest and greatest thing to turn into an industry and it’s gaining ground quite quickly.

Drone racing as a sport is the next fix for adrenaline junkies looking to tear it up. The Drone Racing League and the Drone Sports Association both have some major ambitions where this exciting new industry is concerned. They made deals with ESPN for signed broadcasting and have attracted some large sponsors for the purpose of gaining ground in hosting championships for big prize money.

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