Mar 16 2016

Consumers Deserve To Have Encryption And Privacy

As of late, I’m finding the whole discussion about encryption to be quite intriguing.  It seems that most people in technology  value of the idea of encryption and privacy to be pretty high.  No one wants a stranger to be able to come along and eavesdrop on your conversation, look at your data or your daily habits.

Ever since the revelations of Edward Snowden and the excessive spying by the NSA and other government agencies,  and countries,  consumers have been very concerned about their privacy.   The best way for consumers to protect their privacy  is to utilize encryption.

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Mar 14 2016

Wire Pushes Open Standards And End-to-End Encryption For Video Chat

I like trying to keep track of applications that gives users the ability to do video chat, and Skype and Google Hangouts are probably the most common right now among most users, but last year the Scott co-founder Janus Friis launched a new project called Wire.

The application is compatible with modern-day browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera; being able to both make and receive calls. Microsoft browsers Internet Explorer and Edge, will only be able to chat for right now.  As a roadmap for the Wire, users will be able to create and leave group conversations as well as block users in the near future.

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Mar 11 2016

Fast Growing Petition Puts Pressure On Netflix To Unblock VPN Users

There’s a lot of users that are using VPNs to connect into Netflix. Recently, Netflix started cracking down on their customers were using VPNs to access their services.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of customers that were using VPNs for legitimate purposes, but because people outside of the United States are using a VPN service to access Netflix coming from countries where Netflix’s services are restricted, Netflix had to start blocking VPN Services altogether.

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Mar 09 2016

FCC looking to give low-income families broadband Internet service for under $10

I saw in a blog post today by the FCC Chairman Tom wheeler that the FCC is planning on extending the Lifeline program to give low-income families access to broadband internet service. While some people don’t have access to broadband internet service at all, most don’t have broadband internet service because the price is too high.

Soon the FCC is going to be voting on a plan to give low-income Americans access to broadband internet service for under $10.

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Mar 07 2016

Lucion’s FileCenter Professional v9 vs. Nuance’s PaperPort Professional v14

The heart of this article is who is better; Nuance PaperPort or FileCenter? The basis of this article is going to look at several aspects of both applications, functionality, cost, development and customer support. Both applications focus on document imaging management; scanning and research.

Both of these applications have a lot of the same type features, but how they’re presented and used is what makes them different. In this comparison, I’ll just be talking about some of the high points and low points of the two applications.

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