Review: Dragon Professional Individual version 15

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Nuance recently released a new version of their speech recognition software, Dragon Professional Individual version 15. The Dragon Professional Individual series started with version 14. Nuance made some improvements to the existing Dragon NaturallySpeaking application, trying to make it more applicable to professionals. Version 14 offered the addition of transcription, auto texts, and Dragon Anywhere [subscription service].

The Dragon Anywhere is an application you can download to your Apple or android device, using the application you can leverage the speech recognition abilities of Dragon pretty much anywhere you want. The vocabularies you have on your desktop can be synchronized with that on the Dragon Anywhere application. You can also synchronize Dragon Anywhere documents using various cloud services.

Nuance is continuing down that road of  focusing on professional individuals who see the power of speech recognition in their everyday lives. Speech recognition is one of the most  valuable things that you can do to make yourself more productive. Simply by speaking, you can  turn your words into text, saving you time and energy; and possibly injury from repetitive movements.

A lot of improvements have been made to Dragon over the years in regards to user-friendliness. Nuance has made a lot of improvements in the area of allowing users to find out what commands are available to them. An example of this is a command built into Dragon so users can simply ask, “what can I say?” and then Dragon will give you a list of available options.

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Nuance is the leader in speech recognition technology. It’s integrated  into everything from  Apple’s Siri, vehicle speech recognition, phone systems, the medical field, legal and more. the level of accuracy that  Nuance can offer with their speech recognition technology is staggering. It’s highly accurate. Even if you have aa strong Irish accent, Dragon can still recognize what you’re saying  and convert that to text.

Nuance has introduced a new feature/function of Dragon, it’s called  Deep Learning. It’s hard to imagine that  a piece of software as accurate as  Dragon can keep getting better, but Nuance is making improvements  into how people speak, what they say  and in what patterns  they say things; getting more personal. in addition to adapting to voice patterns and accents, Dragon is also learning to drown out  background noise, like in the office  or in  mobile environments.

As Nuance reports it:

“Deep Learning is a powerful pattern recognition technique inspired by the way the human brain learns and interprets sensory input, which Nuance has leveraged to advance accuracy across our speech recognition technologies, including Dragon,” said Vlad Sejnoha, chief technology officer, Nuance Communications.   “Training such Deep Neural Net models typically requires large amounts of training data and a high-performance computing environment. However, our new Dragon portfolio includes our latest breakthrough that allows Dragon’s Deep Neural Nets to continuously learn from the user’s speech during use on a standard personal computer, and drive accuracy rates in some instances up to 24 percent higher.”

I can definitely report that since  the release of version 13,  Dragon has had much better accuracy and responsiveness  during the dictation.

Since the release of version 13, Dragon users have been able to manage multiple input sources; making the use of Dragon much better. If you want to use a WebCam, or a headset or a high-quality Bluetooth input device, you can do that.

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The good

  • Dragon Professional Individual has a great user interface. The options are easy to find.
  • Nuance offers lots of example videos, education, documentation, and a much-improved help system.
  • The accuracy level of speech recognition that this application can deliver is very impressive.
  • The application has a nice interface for doing transcriptions and catering to the professional on-the-go [with Dragon Anywhere]; syncing vocabularies/documents.
  • Since the release of version 13, the recognition and responsiveness of the application has been exceptional.

The not so good

  • Since the release of version 13, the reliability and inconsistency of Dragon continues to plague the most popular browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.
    For example:
    In the course of writing this article I had to disable the extension in Chrome because the dictation was causing the screen to jump all over the place; scrolling down [e.g. PGDN] — I couldn’t tell where the text was being inserted.In Firefox, while the plug-in was enabled, Dragon Professional Individual was reporting Firefox as a nonsupported application, forcing me to use the Dragon dictation box. In my discussions with Nuance support, Firefox is one of the most problematic browsers with DPI.Microsoft Edge, if you try to use it, DPI will report it as a non-compatible application.
  • DPI seem to be focused on supporting only newer applications [mainly Microsoft]. There’s a strong lack of support for older applications.
    With the release of version 13, Nuance made changes to the application to not support applications that don’t offer full-text control. This makes the traditional use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Dragon Professional Individual incompatible with the typical commands that you would use, e.g. “correct that” .

    img_57dafaf188c90 Review: Dragon Professional Individual version 15

    in my opinion, version 12 continues to be the most compatible across the board, but you don’t have access to the some of the latest features, performance improvements and responsiveness.

  • DPI v15 isn’t 64bit; it’s 64-bit compatible.

    img_57dafa2959e3f Review: Dragon Professional Individual version 15
    My Windows 10 Pro PC is 64-bit and from the screenshots, you can see the applications are running, but as 32-bit. I have to wonder how much better or faster DPI would be if it was actually 64-bit.


Dragon Professional Individual version 15 has the ability to scan your emails and documents to find out how you write and discover words and phrases that you use on a regular basis to improve the performance of the speech recognition process.

Dragon Professional Individual will be available for download in English in the US, UK and Australia for $300 on September 1, 2016. Physical product shipments will be available by mid-September. Dragon Professional Individual is available for $150 for users upgrading from Dragon Professional Individual, version 14 and Dragon Professional, versions 12 and higher, and for $200 for users upgrading from Dragon Premium, versions 12 and higher. Additional details can be found here.

Dragon Legal Individual will be available in U.S. English from the Nuance Online store in the United States for $500. For more information and to purchase Dragon Legal Individual, please visit the Dragon Legal Individual page on

I’d like to hear what your conclusions might be about DPI v15 in the comments below.



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