Oct 12 2015

Review: iRulu GM60 (HC042) Mini Projector LED

iRulu_GM60_HC042_mini_projector_packaging_thumb Review: iRulu GM60 (HC042) Mini Projector LED

I was recently sent a demo unit from iRulu for the GM60 [HC042] Mini HD LED projector for review. I have to admit, I’m thoroughly impressed with this unit. I’ve been researching many projectors for several months. A lot of the many projectors are struggling with the issue of the level of lumens they have and resolution they can offer.

The iRulu GM60 mini projector is a nice balance of projection capability and economical purchase. One of the things that intrigued me about the GM60 was that it offered 1000 lm and it was only about $80. A lot of other many projectors have much lower lumens with a higher price. And since the projection bulb of this mini projector is LED, you get a reported 30,000 hours of viewing time; it’s well worth the investment.

After looking at the many LED HD projector for the first time, my immediate thought was being able to use this projector in rare situations for home theater, but more for recreational outdoor viewing— for that reminiscent drive-in feeling.

Device Packaging

I received my iRulu mini HD LED projector through the mail. In my opinion, I think that I really shipped the unit to me very quickly. As soon as the unit shipped, I got a tracking number and was able to track it all away until it was received.


Initial impressions

My first impression of the mini projector was that I was surprised by the weight. I was actually expecting the mini projector to weigh a little less. Not discounting the product, but I had seen other reviews from other products, and they looked inferior. I was kind of expecting the same with the GM60, but I was surprised.

When you pick the unit up for the first time, it doesn’t have any creaking, it’s not bendable, and the plastic for the unit doesn’t give; it’s very solid feeling. The outside of the projector plastic is textured so that it’s not slippery and easy to grip.

iRulu_GM60_outside_case_thumb Review: iRulu GM60 (HC042) Mini Projector LED

iRulu_GM60_media_inputs_thumb Review: iRulu GM60 (HC042) Mini Projector LED

iRulu_GM60_bottom_mount_thumb Review: iRulu GM60 (HC042) Mini Projector LED

Stand Out Features

Video Playback

Using the mini projector is actually very simple. Upon powering up the mini projector, it takes a few seconds for the bulb to come on [about 3 to 5 seconds]. Once the projector is on, you can execute the projectors menu to choose which input you want to use.

gm60_example_playback_thumb Review: iRulu GM60 (HC042) Mini Projector LED

The projector’s input covers composite, SD, USB and HDMI. I personally tested all the inputs that the mini projector offered. Switching between inputs was as simple as bringing up the menu and choosing input option.

The mini projector supports several media playback options/formats. 3GP, AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, VOB, MPEG and some others. In my testing, I use the MP4 H.264 video format on a USB drive and it worked perfectly. It also supports image files such as JPEG, BMP and PNG.

As the mini projector only has 1000 lm, the best viewing for this projector is done in a darker environment, but it still viewable with the lights on. Obviously if you’re going to be viewing projection video with the lights on, you should focus on getting a higher lumens count projector. But at roughly $80, this mini projector works very well.

gm60_projector_Roku_thumb Review: iRulu GM60 (HC042) Mini Projector LED

At roughly 10 feet, this projector can give you an [horizontal] 8 foot wide screen at a resolution that still very acceptable. I found during my testing that the best resolution that this projector can offer is roughly 8 foot from the screen, giving you roughly a 70 inch screen.

Audio Playback

The GM60 mini projector does come with a small audio speaker on the bottom, on the same side as the media inputs. The mini speaker does do a decent job of putting out audio, but it lacks the base that you expect from a projector. But as the projector has two USB inputs, I would recommend purchasing USB powered external speakers for the projectors for a more robust experience.

The projector does support several audio file formats such as MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, ACC and WAV file. Again, I would recommend an external audio system or external speakers.


  • Based on the projectors abilities and price, it’s a great buy!
  • The mini projector has a native resolution of 800 x 480 with a contrast of 1000:1. Layout options of 4 x 3 and 16 x 9.
  • Built-in support for native playback of audio and visual files.
  • Lightweight, portable and can be mounted to a camera tripod


  • For the price and abilities; none.

Special note

The iRulu GM60 mini projector has manual adjustments for tilt and focus.

iRulu_GM60_tilt_and_focus_thumb Review: iRulu GM60 (HC042) Mini Projector LED

The further the projector is away from the screen, the more it becomes a challenge to get the picture in focus just perfect. But keeping in mind that the further away the projector is away from the screen, the more you lose the crisp resolution. I found in my testing that even as I was projecting the media onto a wall of 12 foot, the projection was still very acceptable; especially in darker environments.


I’m thoroughly impressed with this unit. At roughly $80, this unit has proved that it has the functionality and the brightness that anyone would need to spontaneously have a movie night pretty much anywhere. The unit supports several audio and visual formats natively. It has a speaker built into it. As long as you have a flat wall for a screen, a media file, power and a bucket of popcorn, you’re going to have fun.

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