Feb 28 2014

Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

429 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

This article is actually based on my experience last week dealing with the horrors of just flaky software from Microsoft- Windows Essentials 2012. I spent countless hours researching, testing, rebooting, changing security settings and then ultimately reinstalling my operating system. It was very depressing too. I had just purchased a brand-new computer, reinstalled Windows 7 professional, clean operating system installation with virtually nothing installed except for a few software packages.

Luckily, I keep the bulk of the applications that I use on my file server. I try to run applications off of my file server directly so that I never have to worry about installing the same software on their computers; it saves time and it works for me.

What happened was that I was in the Windows Movie Maker support for and I noticed that another individual indicated that there was a new version of Windows Movie Maker. Considering that Microsoft doesn’t release anything in the realm of decent release notes when they update their software, it’s left up to people to do a scavenger hunt through the new software to see if there’s anything that’s new or different. So I proceeded over to the Windows Essentials website to download the new version.

I downloaded the new version and went to install it, the upgrade, and that’s when everything went crazy. I went from having Windows Live Writer and Windows Movie Maker installed on my system to not having those Windows Essentials applications installed and they would not reinstall.

I can start this section off by saying that I hate having to go to support forums to get answers to stuff, especially Microsoft, but after about three days of searching the Internet and not finding any plausible solutions, I actually broke down and went to the Microsoft Windows Essentials support forum try to get some assistance.

It was pitiful. Everywhere I turned, it was reinstalled this, reinstalled it, check this, check that, corrupt this, corrupt that— and on and on with reinstallation/reboot, reinstallation/reboot.

Keeping in mind my system, at the time, was only about four weeks old with a minimal set of software installed; running the bulk of my software from my file server. My new system has a 1 TB hard drive, by request, and I was only using about 50Gb out of the whole drive. This is complete virgin territory we’re talking about the lifespan of a PC.

Just to set my bases on this, I was using the full installer for Microsoft, I was not using the web installer for Windows Essentials.

Here’s how the Windows Essentials problem started…

567 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

The first error message with wllogin-amd64, is related to the installation of Windows Essentials, but furthermore, it’s related to the installation of Windows assistant for live ID. For some reason, the installer was not able to install the application correctly.

The second error message with D3DX10_42 relates to the installation of Windows Essentials, but again, this is actually related to a deeper issue stemming from the installation of DirectX. DirectX 11 comes with the base installation of Windows 7; it cannot be uninstalled, but apparently, it can be corrupted.


Error:       0x800406609
Source:   WLLOGIN-AMD64

I found out that as you’re installing Windows Essentials, it places these files into a temporary directory from which the various applications can be installed. That location is here:

C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesWindows Live.cache

If you’re having problems installing Windows Essentials, you can go and check the installation log; yes it creates one:


There’s a installation MSI for this too…

258 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

I found out by trying to run this installation directly that gave me a separate error message that actually could be tracked down.

124 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

So this points me to my registry. This was indicating that another application or something on my system was keeping the installer from running properly, and access was denied.

At this point, I had removed just virtually all the software from my system, so finding the culprit application that was holding my registry hostage was kind of interesting.

887 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

As I went into the registry, I had to do some searching to find the registry entry that the installation Was talking about, because it was not overly clear. Thankfully, you can do a search in the Windows registry and find that key.

Here’s the key, if you want to copy and paste it:


What I found on each individual occurrence to this registry key entry was that I, as the system administrator and only user set up on my computer, with full rights and privileges, was not being allowed access to these registry entries— there was like 12 of them.

I had to go into each individual registry entry and take permission/ownership of each individual registry key and each time I tried to install Windows Essentials, machine, the security settings on these entries would get reset. Why? I don’t know.

I’m not going to post the instructions on what I did to gain ownership of those individual registry entries because the procedures and steps can be downloaded from just about any website.

But with me going through the registry key by key, adjusting the ownership and the permissions on each one, I was finally able to run the installer for WLLOGIN-AMD64. It finished successfully with no errors.

From there, I was able to run the Windows Essentials installer, just for Windows Live Writer, and I was able to install Windows Live Writer without any problems.

Error:       0x80040705
Source:   D3DX10_42

In this section, I was working on trying to get Windows Movie Maker installed.

487 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

As you are researching this error message, you’ll want to be looking for the error message 0x80040705; that’s if you’re going to do a Google search. but during the course of trying to get Windows Movie Maker installed I found out a few things and I thought I would try to share that information here, because the resources that I found on the Internet, none of them helped me.



None of the information provided below this line helped me. So this may not fix your problem, just take that under advisement.


So the problem is I can’t install Windows Movie Maker from the Windows Essentials package. The error message that I get from the installation process does not help me. The bulk of the information that I get from the Internet is reboot your system and reinstall. I don’t know if you’ve tried Windows Essentials, but Windows Essentials takes longer to install then some of the applications that I have the cost over $500, and these applications from Windows Essentials, they are not large file sizes; they just take a damn long time to install.

What you have to do if you want to figure out exactly what is going on during the installation process of Windows Essentials, you have to check out the installation log.

Located here:


Log file is a text file that details the installation of every package that you are installing at the time of the last installation attempt. Looking through my activity log, I found that Windows Essentials was trying to install DirectX. I figured if Windows Essentials is trying to install DirectX, maybe I should try to install DirectX by itself.

I went to the DirectX website and I downloaded the DirectX installer [web-based] and tried to run it. The installation for direct X failed immediately.


DirectX installer [web]

Or if you want to run the one directly from the Windows Essentials package, so you don’t have to download the whole installer again…

C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesWindows Live.cachee2ce21411cf300302


As soon as I tried to run the installer I immediately got this error message.

999 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

So this was the problem with me trying to install Windows Movie Maker, DirectX was failing and it was running into this error message with ADVPACK.DLL.


Some of the resolutions to try to fix this particular problem were:

  • do a system restore
  • do a system validity check on your system files
  • check your hard drive for errors
  • check for viruses
  • check for malware
  • register the DLL
  • take ownership of the DLL
  • check security of the DLL
  • we install DirectX
  • turn on portions of .NET 3.5.1
  • running Microsoft’s FIXIT application for applications they want install/uninstall


Holy crap— that’s a lot of freaking stuff to do because you can install DirectX. It’s freaking stupid.


System Restore

So when are talking about doing a system restore, when you install software, generally, Windows creates a restore point in your system so that if something goes wrong with the installation of software and driver, you can just do a system restore and it should restore your system to a previous state where it was working fine… in theory.

In Windows 7, it’s easy to find, go to your start button and in the search/run box, type in ‘system restore‘. you choose your restore point, and then Windows goes through a time-consuming process of restoring your system to a particular point in history.


Checking Your System Files For Validity/corruption [SFC.EXE]

Basically in this step, Microsoft wants you to go and check your system to see if any of your system files have been corrupted, and Microsoft has a magical application/program that allows you to do this; and it’s very time-consuming.

The utility application is already in the operating system, you just need to go to a command prompt; before you run command prompt, you want to make sure that you’re running the command prompt as an administrator.

609 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install


Check Your File System For Errors

This step is fairly easy, go to the my computer icon, open it up, choose your C Drive, right-click on it and choose properties. Choose the tab for tools, and then choose the option to check your hard drive for errors/check now. Another time-consuming task that will require you to reboot your machine.

 857 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install


Checking for viruses and malware

This is one of the first things, that just about anybody, would do it to running into clear and present problems with installing software. This would be a telltale thing that would happen to a system because of viruses or malware, but in my case, that wasn’t the issue.

I had had BitDefender antivirus installed on my system from day one; like immediately after the operating system was loaded. I was also running nightly scans for malware with Malwarebytes. I was fairly confident that my system was not infected and after thorough scans, I was convinced, I had no issues there.

But Microsoft does offer a safety scanner to run on a Windows operating system to check for viruses and malware.


When your system is booting up, you go into safe mode and then once the system finishes booting into safe mode, you run this security application and it takes for freak’n ever to scan your system.


Registering the DLL

One of the suggestions that I kept getting on a regular basis with this particular problem was to register the DLL. While every time I tried to register the DLL, I got an error message.

364 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

So registering the DLL wasn’t working.


Take ownership of the DLL

Another suggestion was that after I was able to register the DLL was to take ownership of the DLL. That didn’t work

Check security of the DLL

Another brilliant idea in a journey to try to find a solution to my problem, was to make sure that the DLL in question was one that I had control over; making sure that I had full access and rights to that DLL— which of course, I did.

Turn on portions of .NET 3.5.1

I was provided another suggestion for resolution which was to turn on specific functions of .NET.

628 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

It’s fairly simple. You go into your start button, in the search box, type in turn ‘Windows features on or off.’ you be looking for the option for Microsoft .NET, and this is where you will turn on Windows communication foundation HTTP activation and Windows presentation foundation non-HTTP activation.

I honestly have no idea what that means, but it was a suggestion that was provided to me in the support forum.


Running Microsoft’s FIXIT application for applications they want install/uninstall

I don’t have a lot of confidence in these stupid applications for Microsoft they call FIXIT; they’re almost worthless. You don’t know what they’re doing, what their checking, or what problems they find or fix; they just report that they fixed something and you’re supposed to take that on face value and trust Microsoft to the ends of the world.

648 Horror Story: Windows Essentials 2012 would not install

I downloaded the application as they asked me to, I ran it, the application said it found something and fixed it, but even after the application was ran and the problem was so-called fixed, I still could not install DirectX.

Here’s the link:


I honestly hope that you’re able to run this application and it fixes something for you, but from my perspective, it’s worthless.



So my adventure in trying to resolve this issue, in trying to install Windows Essentials was only a partial success in that I was able to install Windows Live Writer. Windows Movie Maker was a complete failure. Sadly, I’ve had problems like this before in the past with Microsoft products, namely Internet Explorer, where Internet Explorer would not install on my system.

It’s these types of situations that had me completely perplexed because I have a Microsoft operating system, Microsoft software and I assume that if the operating system and the software produced by the same company, that software package, more than any other, should install 100% correct every time— but that’s far from reality.

The Windows support forums have issues in them every day that people cannot install Windows Essentials, or they can install other Windows packages because of conflicts or DLLs or security issues. It amazes me that Microsoft has failed to address this point with their own software and their own operating system. If these issues are coming up during the installation process, the installation package should tell the operators what the issues are and have an intelligent resolution option. Forcing users to go to the support forums in Microsoft and to get this pandering, low standard level of support on their own stuff is just insulting, and they should be embarrassing to Microsoft; but they seem to be embracing it.


I went to the process of doing all this trouble shooting and research and all these other gyrations to try to get the software installed and I didn’t get to where I needed to be. While I was trying to completely avoid the situation of having to reinstall my operating system, that’s exactly what I had to do. I had to reinstall my operating system from scratch and start all over; because of one software package.

Luckily, over the years I have learned to do certain things because I know at some point I may have to reload the Windows operating system to fix stupid stuff like this. And even more so, I didn’t have that much software installed on the machine to begin with so it was fairly painless to back up what I had and then wiped the system, prepping it for the reload.


None of these processes work for me, but the way Microsoft presents their support is stupid. The reason I even presented this post was that as I view support, I want to be able to see all the steps that I need to do in order, just in case something doesn’t work. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t gotten to the point where they can build a tree of ‘try this’ options that can be presented to the customers for them to troubleshoot issues themselves.

And my point here was to try to concatenate all the information that I had collected and put in one spot so that if someone else run into the same issues, hopefully they can try all the things that I’ve got listed before they have to go to the Microsoft support forums.




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