Aug 08 2012

Windows Live Writer 2012 Released – Nothing is new or fixed.

nibzxzdm_thumb Windows Live Writer 2012 Released - Nothing is new or fixed.

Microsoft released a new version of Windows Live Writer this morning and I’m utterly disgusted with what Microsoft considers a new version. Nothing is new with the latest version. Hell, even the name is the same ‘Windows Live Writer’.

What’d you [Microsoft] guys do with Windows Live Writer?

Microsoft said Windows ‘Live’ is dead; it’s supposed to be just Windows Essentials Writer. What the heck are they doing over there. The last update to Windows Live Writer was the so-called improvement by removing the sidebar and changing the toolbars to ribbon GUI’s.

And they had yet to add a ‘FIND and REPLACE’ to the application.

The latest version was just released and there’s nothing new about the application. Microsoft is nice enough not to tell anyone ‘what’s new’ about the new application, so this becomes a scavenger hunt to see if people can find out what’s new with Windows Live Writer.

4nyxfqev_thumb Windows Live Writer 2012 Released - Nothing is new or fixed.

I started searching for new options in the [well] Menu, Options …

‘cloud’ storage

Wasn’t this coming?! I was expecting a new point for SkyDrive or something. I don’t understand why Microsoft didn’t move forward with this?! Everyone who uses Windows Live Writer wanted to be able to back up their posts to the cloud?

But alas, no— not happening, but I have an options for that…

Link Here… Change drafts and recent path.

Link Here… Using Google drive as your ‘cloud’ storage.

And if you need to do backups; here’s some more options…

Link Here…


Pinging Servers

No— nothing everything is the same. And seems they have completely disregarded my report [2 years ago] on the problem with pinging servers; it’s still not per blog and still no option to limit the number of pings.

Microsoft hasn’t listened to the audience on being able to change the path to where to save Recent and Drafts, but I have an app to provide assistance to do that.

Link Here… Why you can get banned from social servers.


Inserting Videos

Short links for YouTube videos are still not recognized…
You can’t paste a link from your browser, from YouTube, in to Windows Live Writer and have it auto insert the video; it only pastes the link.

You have to post this…

Seems simple enough, but hasn’t been done…


FIND and Replace

Nope. We don’t have that either. All of the basic word processors in the world have a find and replace; even some of the cheapest looking text editors have find and replace, but Microsoft ‘live’ dev team seems defeated by this small task.

Yeah, you guessed it. You have to download the Windows Live Writer plug-in to add the ability for Find and Replace.

Link Here… Plug-in link.


No PAGE support for BLOGGER/BlogSpot

Shame; after all the years of hanging out in the Windows Live Writer support forums, and after all the people who have asked and inquired about the ability to do pages in Windows Live Writer for BLOGGER/BlogSpot; Microsoft has done another wonderful exercise in ‘palm to face’ for all the users.

And since Microsoft seems defeated by this…

Link Here…


Windows Live Writer still can’t open OLD posts

Back, way back, I reported and confirmed with one of the devs that trying to pull an old post, greater, than 100 will get you this wonderful error message.

bpwfbpce_thumb Windows Live Writer 2012 Released - Nothing is new or fixed.

I then proceeded to give prime examples of how Zoundry Raven pulled all the blog posts with out error. They said they’d fix it… again, they’ve been defeated.

Link here…


I’m very disappointed in the direction Microsoft has decided to take Windows Live Writer, or the lack of. Very little to Windows Live Writer has been done since it was acquired from a little start up. I’d surmise the complete failure of Windows Live Spaces has been a sore point for them.

From their perspective, why do anything with Windows Live Writer when Microsoft can’t even create a WINDOWS LIVE SPACES and make it work. Conceding defeat to WordPress.

Even so, Windows Live Writer is still a great offline blogging tool with a WYSIWYG editor; it’s better than anything else that’s offered; even MAC owners want Windows Live Writer on their machines. It interfaces with just about any blog service [Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, etc.]

I wonder if Microsoft will stop and realize they’re doing their users wrong by to doing anything with Windows Live Writer…

So, with this latest release of Windows Live Writer; BIG thanks for nothing Microsoft devs— good job.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

…via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

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  • Have you tried using MS Word 2010 to write your blog post. Works pretty well. I have since stopped using live writer and gone to just using word.

    You can have it link right up with your WordPress site and you are off.
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    • I don\’t have Microsoft WORD. I\’ve been using ScribeFire plug-in a little more, but its nowhere in the league of Windows Live Writer.


  • archon810

    FYI, the old post problem is related to your server and the amount of posts WLW pulls at a time. PHP is set to not allow using over a certain amount of memory per process, so it crashes. If you have access to changing PHP variables on the fly, here's my solution that solves this (YMMV, dependent on your host – if you have root, this solution definitely works):….

    I love WLW to death, even with all its quirks, but I was very disappointed like you that it brought no new features. I did notice one crash bug was fixed (and probably more under the hood) – WLW 2011 used to crash if you try to edit long posts with lots of images, while said posts are downloading said images. Now it just disables input until all downloads are done.
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    • I was aware of the server overload, but when I worked with the Windows Live dev and showed them the issue and that the problem could be avoided and a benefit to storing the posts offline; they agreed they'd fix it. But as we can see they didn't do anything. Zoundry Raven handles the downloading of posts perfectly, regardless of server resources; I believe they realized that before the development on Zoundry Raven stopped.

      The level of disappointment from Microsoft Windows Live devs is just disgusting.

      And thanks for your comments…


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