Rant: It’s all about who wants to control the Internet

ufk0wmus_thumb Rant: It's all about who wants to control the Internet

I was reading an article from the Wall Street Journal and I just had to stop…

It infuriates me to read these articles…

The Internet is so powerful a tool for knowledge and business and innovation; and changing so much everyday because of the openness of it; sharing ideas and information— it’s awesome, but then you have this crap… People with ACTA, PIPA, SOPA and now countries want to start controlling the Internet even further…

Why in the hell would I’d like to give a country like Iran or China the right to control the Internet internally. Iran trains their kids to not play ‘Life’, but to play death with real bombs. And China thinks that you can only think what they want you to think.

What these same audience of people don’t like is that people are learning and living vicariously via the Internet. The governments of the world can’t keep their people in the dark ages anymore; people are learning there’s more out there than what their governments tell them to think.

It’s not enough that the United States has to pass laws on things like SOPA and PIPA, but then they have a ‘treaty’ traveling around the globe that they are asking countries to sign one by one; something the ‘people’ aren’t involved with. With ACTA the treaty is so poorly conceived and composed, several countries have refused to sign it. There have been protests to the presentation of ACTA— it’s a peoples’ refusal to accept or give away control of the Internet.

They keep stuff like this up and the Internet is going to be nothing but a bunch of segmented networks, like countries on the map.

I just find it ironic that over 2 decades the world has been trying to disburse the Internet to the countries of the world and now the other countries are trying to break it up, segregate it, filter it, restrict it and control every aspect of what it was, a powerful tool for knowledge.

If the Internet isn’t open to everyone; what good is it?


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c Rant: It's all about who wants to control the Internet

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