TeraCopy: Who is Windows 8 copying today?

ftsd0w22_thumb TeraCopy: Who is Windows 8 copying today?The blog from Microsoft on the latest invents for Windows 8 is actually refreshing. Showing what they’re working on in Windows 8 and what’s going to be changing. But I’m not able to help but think about the latest release of Apple‘s operating system where they took parts of what other developers were doing and simply developed a copy cat version of their applications, and put those in to their new operating system.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Microsoft is making some MUCH NEEDED changes…but I believe it’s obvious that they’re blantantly copying what’s already there, and in high demand.

Take for instance, one of the latest posts from Microsoft about ‘improving our file management basics: copy, move, rename, and delete’. This post goes on to speak about how important it is to have a sleek and comprehensive interface for when you’re dealing with files. I think pretty much every IT shop will agree that Microsoft hasn’t been the best at calculating transfer times or providing enough information about copying/moving files from point A to point B.

TeraCopy; savvy users have known about TeraCopy for a while. It replaces Windows‘s standard interface for copying files from one place to another. It has many options and it’s a must-have tool for IT professionals.

The latest snapshots from Microsoft about the interface changes for Windows Explorer…

ruesta32_thumb TeraCopy: Who is Windows 8 copying today?

zaxhvrvp_thumb TeraCopy: Who is Windows 8 copying today?

Clearly shows that Microsoft is trying to give the higher echelon users the information that they need. Having the simplified interface for the general populace who use Windows is great, and where Microsoft offers the ‘more details’ option with their dialogues is really good; it provides that extra information that most IT professionals are looking for…

But that begs the question, who did it better first?
     In this particular case, TeraCopy.

The screenshots listed below, I think, well illustrates that TeraCopy is still doing a lot of things better than what Microsoft is offering in the next generation of their operating system.

bgu4bzl1_thumb TeraCopy: Who is Windows 8 copying today?

TeraCopy offers the option to close, test or shutdown the PC after the copying process is done. these are a set of functions that I believe are very useful to you individuals who work with computers on a regular basis. And just as Microsoft is trying to do now, TeraCopy has the option to provide more detail about the files being copied or moved, and it also consolidates the information into one consistent list of files being processed; just as Microsoft trying to do now.

You can see this from the screenshot below…

ziwi5gh0_thumb TeraCopy: Who is Windows 8 copying today?

Considering that TeraCopy was released back in 2007 and Microsoft is getting ready to release Windows 8; knowing about the inadequacies of Windows Explorer for that long, and taking this amount time to address it is concerning.

In the grand scheme of things, this is one of those things that should have been addressed early on. But Microsoft seems to function better when they’re fighting to regain ground. But in this case, as we get closer to the release of Windows 8, we have to ask; who is Windows 8 going to be copying next? What other publishers and/or developers, like Apple, are they going to step on with this next release?


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c TeraCopy: Who is Windows 8 copying today?

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