Jun 11 2011

[Solved]: Missing Blogger Adsense Gadget… Found.

svvgrxhm_thumb [Solved]: Missing Blogger Adsense Gadget… Found.I’ve got another blog account for stuff I do with Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Writer [check it out] and I’ve got a few adverts on it using Google adsense, and on blogger when you sign up for this and you want to put it on the blog it’s called a ‘gadget’ [postulating that widget and plug-ins terms were already taken]…

My problem was that while the adsense ads were working on my site, I didn’t have an adsense gadget in the design page of blogger.

So anyway, I was messing around with my site the other day and thought that I needed to move things around a bit, but something even stranger was a foot; I was missing my Google Adsense gadgets on the website ‘Design’ page.

I messed around a bit and found something else on the cause of a ‘missing gadget’ for adsense and found this link, but it wasn’t my case exactly… so then, I contacted blogger support forums.

I had never used the Blogger support forums, but I have to clarify that they weren’t bad; it was a couple of days before I got a response, and I had to prod them a bit, but after that they seemed okay…

They were communicating with me, but they weren’t really getting the problem I was having; apparently I’m ‘special’. They were giving me some standard canned responses on some stuff, but they weren’t really getting it…

So, I sent them a screenshot:

1nynaj5i_thumb [Solved]: Missing Blogger Adsense Gadget… Found.

Yeah, weird right?!

The ads from Google adsense were on the page when I pulled it up, but not when I went in to design view; the gadgets were not listed. [scary music playing]

Back to the forums, a guy from the forum says the issue had been escelated to a Google engineer… cool. A couple days go by nothing— I keep prodding them on the issue…

And today, June10th, a guy responds with this [humorus]  ‘Hang on!…’ — all was asking was, ‘are you guys still researching?’

But when I received the notice, I was using Chrome for something else, some testing, and I noticed something. In Chrome, I had the adsense Gadget and in Firefox I didn’t… at first I was thinking, oh,Google is dissing Firefox and pushin users with Chrome to work with BLOGGER [or vice versa], but I was incorrect.

fre14bm0_thumb [Solved]: Missing Blogger Adsense Gadget… Found.

Well, I’ll be…the culprit was the ad blocker in Firefox…

But I’m not understanding the ads were on the page; I could see them, so the ad blocker wasn’t blocking them there— it was only blocking them in the ‘design’ page…the ‘design’ page seems to be kind of touchy about the adsense gadgets and ad blockers…

Hey, so if you’re running in to the same issue; turn off your ad blocker. And kudos to the guys at the Blogger forums for great help, and following-up; it took about ten day to cycle through this. If I used Chrome more maybe I would’ve found it sooner.

I hope this helps someone else…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c [Solved]: Missing Blogger Adsense Gadget… Found.

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