LEHSYS Report – June 2011

image_thumb32 LEHSYS Report – June 2011 I’m glad I do these reports, but not so often anymore.

At first, it was more of my personal report card of what was going on, what I was trying and how things are going with the website. And putting efforts in to measure those things on mirco scale isn’t so fun. Blogging is a roller coaster of ups and downs and it’s kind of torture to measure it each month.

My last report was back in December 2010, six months ago, and I thnk everything is going very well in general. I’m still putting efforts in to make myself-imposed schedule of at least two posts a week and it seems to be working for me.

But getting back to my personal report card for LEHSYS…

Changes/Updates to LEHSYS

I’ve had to update my theme. The INOVE theme was dated and the author was not updating it anymore. It was a outstanding theme for a while, but if you’re not updating it; I’m not going to stick with it. So, I’ll keep evaluating [Arras] as I go along. But clean, straight forward, easy to read formats are the speed of what I’m searching for.

My last report, I mentioned performance issues with GoDaddy and their hosting services with WordPress; well that’s an ongoing issue. I’m using their shared hosting and it’s been frustrating the over all performance of the site isn’t rated highly by Google webmaster tools. And I have signed up for Alexa and some other sites to track the performance of the site. If I’m not able to get GoDaddy to fix this issue, I’ll be switching hosting services. The sad part is that I’ve got a side blog ‘LEHSYS.Blogspot.com’ for stuff for Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Movie Maker, and it out performs the paid services from GoDaddy; sad.

LEHSYS has a Facebook page! I hear it’s the right thing to do and I didn’t want someone to take my spot; I mean it’s my site so… hey, go there and ‘LIKE” my Facebook page.

I have added a plug-ins that I believe are really interesting, and thus far have been a benefit for the site:

This is a nice hare/social tool that doesn’t get in the way and I also believe is better overall, and used the dead space on the left of the page to present sharing options. I believe being right there
for people to choose is good.
image_thumb10 LEHSYS Report – June 2011

Google Custom Search
The WordPress search is good, but it’s very slow in comparison to Google. And if you have created a Custom Search Engine [CSE] with Google you can download this plug-in that’ll give you a super-fast search results window. And in the world of blogging, keeping your visitors there, is a big deal.

I added this plug-in a few weeks ago and it has been very good for me. It’s provided a good return on my visitors; I’ve seen about 13% increase of my visitors using this to view other pages/stories.

Tweet old post
I don’t think that you get proper exposure on Twitter with how the searches are done in/on Twitter; there’s so many results. I like to repost some old posts from the last thirty days. I have not seen a great return on this and it may be going away.

WordPress Gzip Compression
Because of the performance issues I’ve been having with GoDaddy, and based on reseach I’ve been doing to figure out WHAT could be the cause; GZIP might be a helper in that area, so, I have added this plug-in to work on that…

YouTube Channel
I have videos that I’ve created would probably never been seen, but with this plug-in, I can show the videos from my YouTube channel for LEHSYS.


I make an attempt to keep the site as clean as possible, but I do have to make efforts to make a little money from my site, to pay for hosting and domains and products in doing reviews and such. I have always said that doing this site is ‘because I want to…’ advertising pays the have-to bills to keep it open, and anything beyond that— it’s just nice to get something out of it.

Advertising is finicky. Some days are better than others, but the truth is, the most benefit comes from when people visit the links, or click on the links to advertisements.


I have 734 articles on LEHSYS right now; not counting the ones on LEHSYS.Blogspot.com. I make an attempt keep to keep up a schedule of 2-3 posts. It’s just me so, for now, I believe that’s okay.

I’ve been contemplating doing a set of guest bloggers, but I haven’t resign myself to that yet…

Here are some popular stories right now:


I get close to nothing from Twitter on my traffic. Twitter and places like DIGG just might as we’ll be dead to me. Google searches and StumbleUpon provide better exposer to my stories than anyone one else. When I submit my stories to StumbleUpon, I get immediate traffic to my site. I can see the response to the stories within just a few minutes. Digg, Delicious and Google Buzz; there’s nothing there.

I only have about 10% return on my visitors and I wanted to say thanks to that returning crowd! Apparently, you found and liked something; or maybe I helped with something; either way— cool.

My bounce rate is under 2%; that’s awesome. And most visitors are here almost 2 minutes. You really can’t expect that much, putting efforts in to hold peoples attention, when there’s so much else to do and see on the web.


Top Operating Systems/Browsers/Stats

It’s a thing of mine to watch site stats…and putting efforts in to keep track of what’s popular is kind of interesting.

image_thumb11 LEHSYS Report – June 2011
Windows operating system is by far the most popular operating system on the site, but what’s interesting is far Android has come in such a short time. The iPhone isn’t in this list, but it’s #6. This shows the PC market is still very strong, but Android and portable devices are gaining traction.

The browser market, from the view point of my site, is fascinating…

image_thumb12 LEHSYS Report – June 2011

Internet Explorer barely has a lead here. Probably because one of the most popular stories here is why Internet Explorer 9 won’t install; people are searching for answers. There’s only about a 1% difference there, but historically, Firefox was the dominate browser [by a great lead].

And the later racers, Chrome, Safari and Android… this is the race. This is Apple, Microsoft and Google battling it out right here for ‘who’s the king’ of the Internet. While Opera is a good browser, it’s market share is so small; but they’re so visible; that’s cool.

And there’s a lot of people in california that have nothing to do…

image_thumb13 LEHSYS Report – June 2011


Welp, that’s all for now. This appears to be good news and I’m going to be around for a while. Thanks to everyone who returns, everyone who’s reading and to those who have visited my sponsors and the adverts on the site; thanks for making it possible to keep the site open, and I’ll make an attempt keep providing stuff for you to read.

Your time is appreciated…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c LEHSYS Report – June 2011

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