May 25 2011

Windows 8: Don’t buy it!

zqecemgp_thumb Windows 8: Don't buy it!As Microsoft decides to drop another version of their operating system [Windows 8] in 2012, the only thing I can think of is how little an update Windows 7 was from Windows Vista. Windows Vista was the equivalent of Windows ME; it was a complete failure. Every single user that purchased Windows Vista was nothing more than a guinea pig for Microsoft. The operating system was far from complete, you had many bugs and to this day still has a plethora of compatibility problems. Many IT departments didn’t even implement Windows Vista was released because of all the problems that it had.

When Windows 7 was released, it was hailed as a victory for Microsoft because it was viewed as the proper successor to Windows XP; rightfully so, Windows 7 was a nice step forward from Windows XP. Windows Vista was nothing more than a bastard child for Microsoft that should have never been released, and for any user who purchased it, they should’ve been compensated with a free license to Windows 7, but that didn’t happen… Microsoft didn’t reward those users like that… instead, they simply said you’re stuck and oh, by the way, we’re not going to let you install Internet Explorer 10 either.

When Microsoft releases Windows 8, it’s going to be nothing more than a bunch of superficial bug fixes, minor updates and a few GUI changes; trying to build off of the success of Windows 7.

There’s nothing in Windows 8 that’s going to be worth purchasing it. Windows XP was roughly 12 years old when Windows Vista was trying to get a foothold, but since Windows 7 has been released it has quickly become a dominant operating system; much faster than Windows Vista.

One of the more detrimental features/options that Microsoft is working with with their Windows operating system, is the fact that they release so many different versions, at different prices with a different set of feature sets for each one. Microsoft has already conceded that Windows Vista ultimate was supposed to have a bonus set of features and functions that no other version of that operating system would have; guess what, that never happened. Those users are still waiting for the bonus applications and feature sets they were promised.

As Microsoft keeps dumbing down the operating system, the more it drives advanced users away. The constant prompting, security holes and the worthless Teletubby interface will just about drive the seasoned user over the edge; to anything but Windows. I think this is why there’s such a driving market for the tablets in the smartphones; because while these devices are not the Windows operating system that you have applications that get things done, that automatically update and for the most part, just work.

When Microsoft decided to start releasing updates, or new versions of their operating system, more frequently, the first thing that I thought of was how are they going to justify having someone pay that much money for operating system, that often? it just seems unfathomable. Why would you charge that much money for an operating system, release another operating system; basically the same thing and want people to pay the same amount of money each time.

Devoted users to the Microsoft operating system are not being rewarded, there being penalized and abused.

As the desktop market domination for Microsoft continues to narrow, and now believed to be under 90% and dropping, Microsoft should start thinking about life after Windows. They should start rewarding their customers with some sort of appreciation; these are the people that are going to keep them in business— and be naïve enough to continue purchasing the Microsoft office and the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Microsoft’s inability to see the future; evident with the tablet market and the smartphone market, really shows that the company really has no foresight into the technology trends that consumers are really pushing for…

There’s not going to be enough features in Windows 8 to justify purchasing a whole new operating system…

I won’t buy it… and I’m going to advise my customers, don’t buy it.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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zemified_c Windows 8: Don't buy it!

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  • ak12345678

    wow! …. not much content but high on bitter emotions. tell me one OS that syncs programs, data and settings with the cloud. watch for windows 8.

    btw….. after reading this post, i can say that i *USED* to follow your rss feeds.

    • Wow.
      Thanks for leaving a great comment…

      First, let me say that my only failure in that post is that I didn't provide a link to every single point I made; all of which are true and factual.

      Microsoft has made it their new mission to sell a new revision of their operating system every 3 years. This is great if they actually put features in it, it's bad if all they're going to do is put patches, updates and a few new programs. Programs are NOT the operating system. Programs are ancillary to the operating system…

      And as far as syncing to the cloud? Really?
      Is this the main focus of Windows 8? Not security, reliability or performance?

      If you want syncing to the cloud, go get DropBox or Skydrive Microsoft already offers… And from what your saying is that you'll gladly pay another $400 for an operating system to have Skydrive; something you can already have for free. Maybe you should review that for a while…

      And lastly, thanks for reading the article. I appreciate your patronage, but if you decide to leave my site [dropping my RSS feed] because of this one article… I'm sorry you feel that way. But there's nothing in the article that's not factual. Everything that was written here can be backed up by information already on the web. My only lacking point was that I didn't go look them all up.

      Again, thanks for your comments…

      Until next time [maybe],
      Larry Henry Jr.

      My recent post Windows 8- Don’t buy it!

    • Anti-ark12345678

      What? Why don’t you go cry me a river. Do you need to go home and suck your thumb a bit? Are you that thinned skinned that really someone elses opinion, backed up by factual points, makes you never want to read the site again? Boy, you must lead a sheltered life. Soon, I suspect you’ll not have any sites, article, newspapers, anything to ever read again…

  • Donna

    I hate what they have done to Microsoft Windows 8. Ugly to the core! They need to go backwards to go forewards. I do not want a shopping cart on my desktop. Give me Mickey Mouse any day of the week. Control is the issue here, and I want it back. I`ll stick with my buggy Vista and stable 98' till it happens. By the way, I`m just an avererage everyday user who likes things to stay where I put them and likes to be able to turn things on and off easily with the click of a button. Hidden files and folders are a no go on something that personally belongs to me! Thanks for listening, Donnalou

  • Kell

    My premonition comes to fruition.

    I'm with Donna (above). All I want is a stable OS that runs my applications, and that I can tweak and beautify to my taste. That doesn't seem too much to ask. But Microsoft began to take control out of my hands and keep it for themselves after XP. Therefore, I'm sticking with XP. I have a Win 7 laptop that I take along when I leave town. It's OK. It's OK because I use an alternative to Windows Explorer so I don't have to deal with that mess known as Libraries, and I hide the humongous hyped-up, overrated taskbar.

    I can say this for Win 7: It's pretty. Sure can't say that for Win 8.

  • herzmeister

    You're actually quite wrong, Windows 8 will introduce quite drastic changes.

    It will start up with a tiles interface similar to Windows Phone(!) 7:

    The classical task bar, start menu and stuff can be swiped in to support legacy applications.

    I can imagine that it's gonna be hard to make these two world will play together nicely and seamlessly. "Seasoned" windows users will probably be pissed off even much more.

    • If Windows 8 is banking everything on the tile interface, I see struggles ahead of them. Tablets are great for consumption, but not production. Additionally, Microsoft will have to find SOMEONE to dare to use their operating system on a tablet to really take advantage of these \’new\’ features…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

    • Charles Mecklenburg

      Again why do so many people not get it. The Touch UI is about tablets and mobile so that you have one OS across all devices. On a desktop if you don't want to ever see it you can disable it. If you've watched the short demo they say that quite clearly.

  • reality

    I am switching to Linux.

    • I\’m kind of worried about the survival of Linux. It needs an infusion of some sort to get it popular again. iOS and Android are dominating right now. The desktop market is shrinking and the Windows operating system is losing ground. If Windows is losing ground on the desktop market to the tablets; Linux is in a lot of trouble.

      In my opinion…
      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

      • Xavier

        Isn't Android linux?

        • It\’s a flavor, In my opinion…
          and Thanks for your comments…

  • missionman

    Well android is actually java built on top of lnux….

  • Gary Alan Adkins

    Hello Larry! I appreciate your insight! As for a few negative cry baby self proclaimed know it all's? Well, you know!

  • Pubstar

    Wow… Just wow. You know that linux more or less completely dominates the server market, snd that android is biased off the linux kernel, right? Or how about the trend that linux desktops are on the rise?

    You also seem to come off as thinking there is only one version of linux, our maybe that some company out there actually owns it.

  • Clayton Pena

    There’s no solid evidence upon the 8’s functionality, as a matter of fact Microsoft is handling these data very wall in order not to leaked out,
    My recent post Panda Cloud Antivirus & Firewall Beta (1.9.1) | Panda Cloud Antivirus

  • Francis Adu-Gyamfi

    Upon reading this there is only one thing I agree with: I may not buy Windows 8 immediately it comes out, but may purchase a Windows 9 system instead. Reason being:

    Windows 2000 – was solid
    Windows ME – was a bust
    Windows XP – was an awesome achievement
    Windows Vista – was a nightmare
    Windows 7 – was a dream come true
    Windows 8 – ….

    If we follow the trend, then Windows 8 might be headed for a tough reception, and will herald a great experience with Windows 9.

    Everything else in the article I personally don't agree with. Too much whining. The choice to purchase an OS immediately it is release depends squarely on you. I personally, only purchase an OS with the purchase of a new system, so I'm not bothered if Microsoft releases a 1000 versions in between.

    • Whining? It's more like how Microsoft operates… a new GUI and storage in the cloud isn't a reason to upgrade.
      but Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

    • jason

      So i'm assuming windows 8 will be a bust (even though i have read many great things about its drastic enhancements). its what they seem to do. they release an OS and if itsd a huge hit, (or atleast not a bust) they get all cocky and implement new features etc and use US as guiny pigs for the next version

  • jambo

    Microsoft is having major cognitive dissonance! It refuses to admit that their legacy desktop OS has been submitted by Android like an old champion brought down by a young new fighter in the UFC. I hear Windows 8, gistfully speaking, is simply a version of Windows that tries to be both old heavy Windows and a light tablet version with its feeble Tiles concept. Talk about identity crisis. OSes don't matter anymore; it's all about the utility of the cloud. Microsoft is now irrelevant…and yes, it's annoying that it is still trying to extort its customers with overpriced shovelware.

    • I believe Microsoft is trying hard to stay in the arena of the tablet and the Smartphone. Thus the cloud and the tablet GUI, but that doesn't justify a new operating system. Maybe for them, but not for consumers.

      Thanks for your comments…
      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

      My recent post Hewlett Packard: Poor Sales Kill WebOS Early…

  • Jay

    Wow, hate much? This isnt an objective review… this is just bashing. Poor you, did someone not accept your application for employment? Well you know what they say… Those who can do, do. Those who cant write crappy one sided articles on technology they have barely touched. You should be ashamed for passing this crap off as newsworthy.

    • Hate? No. Feel like customers are being jacked with because the operating system is on 90% of the PC\’s in the world and Microsoft feels nothing they do is incorrect and simply by slapping on a new GUI [for tablets] is they new operating system? Yes. This isn\’t objective; it\’s the way it is. There\’s nothing in this article that isn\’t true or represented by information already on the Internet or disclosed by Microsoft.

      But Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

  • l0co

    Yeap, MS just sells the exactly same products from the years, but in different packages. The way of using them doesn't change, the same things you will do in W8 you could also do in WXP. The things chnging is the mostly UI. I don't understand why does people buy that stuff.

    • Microsoft has yet to show me anything substantial in their NEW operating system that'd warrant an operating system upgrade. Cloud and GUI changes? No. More support for media formats, compatibility and being more stable as an os— there's a start.

      Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

      My recent post Hewlett Packard: Poor Sales Kill WebOS Early…

  • Axel

    This dudes an idiot. Probably an Apple fanboy. I seriously doubt MS gives a crap what you think anyway. "Document Imaging Project Management": Translation – works at the counter at Kinkos.

    • Actually, no, on all counts. Except for the mental reject part.
      And you know what, Microsoft has shown to their customers; that's their track record…

      Thanks for your comments…
      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

      My recent post Hewlett Packard: Poor Sales Kill WebOS Early…

  • Matt Marshall

    At best I think one could say MS spreads itself too thin, making it impossible for thier innvoations to hit the mark each time around. While the writer here claims MS has no capacity to see technology trends, I see their astounding success (in both profit and user base) in the gaming arena, and in server and enterprise applications markets. I work with MS and Oracle server technologies on a daily basis, and see amazing innovations coming out of both of those development houses year in year out.

    I dare say that this writer sounds a bit biased, and a myopic.

  • Arie Putranto

    I got your point, Microsoft SHOULD continue working on “7” to make it better despite of releasing a “NEW” one …

  • Wow. You have a wide range of comments here. I do agree with the trend one of your comments had for every other OS release being a bust. I do like Windows 7. It is my favorite so far, and I have used them all. Even the PoS called Windows ME.

    As for the dumbing down of the Operating System, that is what the market is calling for. In the past, the people who were purchasing computers were the advanced users (geeks who want to customize the OS). I am one of those people, but I also work in software and want to make my customers happy. Today, the majority of purchasing customers don't care about customizing the OS. They just want something that looks good and works. Look at the success of Apple. Their software is not any better than Microsoft, but their customers are loyal because it is easy.

    This is the way the world is going on all computing devices.

    Just for fun, here is who I think have the dominant OS in 3 years on
    desktop: MS ( if anyone is still making them)
    laptop: MS 90%, Apple 10% (Google and linux are just to fragmented to get a foot hold)
    tablets: Apple 45%, MS 40%, Google 15%(only because some people will buy it because they think Google is a software company)
    phone: Apple 40%, MS 50%, Google 10% (same as above)

    • Thanks for your comments, and I agree with you on some of your points.
      I don't know that Windows 8 will be the splash they hoped for considering the way Apple and Google have their position in the market. If MS can centralize their OS and make it ONE across all devices; that'll be something.
      Personally, I am tired of the 6 different versions of MS OS's– one OS does everything.

      Write more often…

  • John

    I think you're vastly underestimating the sheer amount of work it takes to port something that has been running on x86 processors for decades to ARM architecture. If you know anything about processor design you'd know that they are very different

    • You know; I don't but one thing ms should have done is created, or allowed for, VM on the new ARM operating system for the tablets. That'd bring all the established applications to the tablet market, instantly creating an established market. since Microsoft has confirmed that the new Windows 8 ARM will not run existing applications; it's like starting from scratch again. This time, it's all about 'consumable' media.

      Thanks for your comments…
      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

      My recent post PrintEco has a great idea, but it should be global…

  • TTK

    Look, dumbing down the UI is almost ALL for selling well in the dumbing down market of smart terminals like pads, smarthphones, future clocks and office/home smart devices.
    It is exactly what OSX and Android team made to transform poor selling ecosystems like Darwin/BSD and Linux in winning and best selling leaders in various now not so marginal markets, and it is exactly what M$ needs to seriously ditch CE and Zune disasters and start selling well in the emerging markets of smart devices.
    PSA: it is a bit ridiculous to keep stressing on M$ vulnerabilities as it was 2001 instead of 2011, now they are selling a quite solid product while IOS and Android teams are starting feeling the pain to maintain secure AND usable a system targeted to monkeys…

  • Dakini

    Ignorance exemplified.

    "Superficial bug fixes" and "few UI changes"?!?!
    I do not know about the core design of the new OS but the UI at least is totally different from what we've seen on any Windows machine till date. Windows Phone 7 would be a good example of a miniature version of Windows 8.
    Or, watch this:

    Disclaimer: I'm only talking of the ignorance of Mr. Larry Henry, not of the virtues or vices of Windows. I've never had Windows on my personal computer and do not intend tom, either.

    • Ignorance or experience?
      So, Microsoft comes up with a new GUI and it's a new operating system. Yes; it's a completely new approach to using the operating system, but it's Windows 7 in the background. I've been working with the Windows 8 DP all this week and have found nothing but UI changes… If your experience is to slap a new new dress on your wife and call her your girl friend; you could be right. All Microsoft is doing right now is cramming the Metro interface they've been working with the Windows Mobile 7 and ported it over to the desktop. They want to show me changes with the operating system; show me the application market, show me security, show me better support for hardware, show me performance; mind you, the videos everyone have been seeing hints at that, but that could be nothing more than a roll up of patches… but as far as drastic UI changes Windows 8 will be a massive change… estimations would say, IT departments hating the interface, while simpleton customers loving it… But that usually something that's separated by people's IQ an technical level.

      Either way, Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

  • Troy

    You may have some good points, but every main retailer that I see sells computers with Windows as standard. Not one offers a different OS. I don't think that's going to change any time soon to be honest.

    • True, but Microsoft isn't giving people enough reason to upgrade, and that's my point. They're in react mode right now; they're not creating— they're reacting. They're preparing to move from the PC world to the Smartphone and tablet world with this new operating system. But they're not taking about the 'meat and potatoes' of the base operating system. All they're showing now is fluffy stuff. There needs to be SOMETHING substantial to justify buying a new operating system after 3 years; changing the GUI isn't a big deal; nor is improving the task manager…


  • felipe_warlike

    You are not wrong, but talk that Microsoft is unable to see the future and something you should rethink it’s own Bill Gates predicted the rise of tablets.Mas predict the future and one thing and keep up with him and another (so the microsoft is sinning).

    • But Bill Gates doesn't run Microsoft anymore…
      I believe you require someone that's visionary to run a tech company…


  • pep

    For over 20 years I was a Windows operating system user. Just over a year ago I bought a MAC. I will never go back to windows, unless I had to use a piece of software that required windows. In that instance, I would run emulation software on the MAC just for that piece of software. Windows is a pile of crap. Always was, always will be. MAC's are in a different league to windows.

    • A lot of people have that opinion; MAC users are a breed of their own, but what you indicated is really the key to Windows; it's that one piece of software, or in corporations case Microsoft Office. It's interesting to see how things move forward here as iOS and Android continue their blanketing power of mobile computing. Will it develop enough to completely remove Microsoft from the playing field? We'll see…


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  • roland

    Kaspersky says mac is 10 years behind windows considering security problems. I think it's not only a problem with the system but also with the users buying mac hardware 🙂

  • jide

    if only it would allow me to boot to desktop and allow for old start menu i will be happy. that interface is for touch enabled devices and curse the day i buy a touch desktop. that's what i have tablets for

    • Over the past couple of weeks, running the RC, I'm not impressed; more confused than anything. The distribution of an operating system is so driven to the touch and tablet market; it makes me just all frustrated. The PC market is in the environment, this interface doesn't work for the work force. Maybe when the world all works like Minority Report, maybe, but right now even the 'cloud' storage isn't impressing me.


      My recent post Smartphone development is just a repeat of the PC evolution…

  • freak

    Remove windoz and install a free OS.

  • John ‘Genryu’

    “I won’t buy it… and I’m going to advise my customers, don’t buy it.’ Same here. I don’t think any reputable IT consultant can do other than steer end users away from this abomination.

    • Microsoft is going to have to find a way to appeal to the corporates that have people that are rooted in 30 years of using Windows another way. IT departments aren’t going to hold classes to educate all the people that are totally confused by the new GUI. I see Microsoft bringing back an option for legacy desktop GUI… we’ll see.

      Thanks for your comments…


  • Daniel

    Dont get it ill have it and HATE the shit like hell it is so BAD!!! Ill miss gates he had never done this!!

    • I laugh at all those who way they have moved on to Windows 8, and they are still getting used to it…

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