May 25 2011

Windows 8: Don’t buy it!

zqecemgp_thumb Windows 8: Don't buy it!As Microsoft decides to drop another version of their operating system [Windows 8] in 2012, the only thing I can think of is how little an update Windows 7 was from Windows Vista. Windows Vista was the equivalent of Windows ME; it was a complete failure. Every single user that purchased Windows Vista was nothing more than a guinea pig for Microsoft. The operating system was far from complete, you had many bugs and to this day still has a plethora of compatibility problems. Many IT departments didn’t even implement Windows Vista was released because of all the problems that it had.

When Windows 7 was released, it was hailed as a victory for Microsoft because it was viewed as the proper successor to Windows XP; rightfully so, Windows 7 was a nice step forward from Windows XP. Windows Vista was nothing more than a bastard child for Microsoft that should have never been released, and for any user who purchased it, they should’ve been compensated with a free license to Windows 7, but that didn’t happen… Microsoft didn’t reward those users like that… instead, they simply said you’re stuck and oh, by the way, we’re not going to let you install Internet Explorer 10 either.

When Microsoft releases Windows 8, it’s going to be nothing more than a bunch of superficial bug fixes, minor updates and a few GUI changes; trying to build off of the success of Windows 7.

There’s nothing in Windows 8 that’s going to be worth purchasing it. Windows XP was roughly 12 years old when Windows Vista was trying to get a foothold, but since Windows 7 has been released it has quickly become a dominant operating system; much faster than Windows Vista.

One of the more detrimental features/options that Microsoft is working with with their Windows operating system, is the fact that they release so many different versions, at different prices with a different set of feature sets for each one. Microsoft has already conceded that Windows Vista ultimate was supposed to have a bonus set of features and functions that no other version of that operating system would have; guess what, that never happened. Those users are still waiting for the bonus applications and feature sets they were promised.

As Microsoft keeps dumbing down the operating system, the more it drives advanced users away. The constant prompting, security holes and the worthless Teletubby interface will just about drive the seasoned user over the edge; to anything but Windows. I think this is why there’s such a driving market for the tablets in the smartphones; because while these devices are not the Windows operating system that you have applications that get things done, that automatically update and for the most part, just work.

When Microsoft decided to start releasing updates, or new versions of their operating system, more frequently, the first thing that I thought of was how are they going to justify having someone pay that much money for operating system, that often? it just seems unfathomable. Why would you charge that much money for an operating system, release another operating system; basically the same thing and want people to pay the same amount of money each time.

Devoted users to the Microsoft operating system are not being rewarded, there being penalized and abused.

As the desktop market domination for Microsoft continues to narrow, and now believed to be under 90% and dropping, Microsoft should start thinking about life after Windows. They should start rewarding their customers with some sort of appreciation; these are the people that are going to keep them in business— and be naïve enough to continue purchasing the Microsoft office and the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Microsoft’s inability to see the future; evident with the tablet market and the smartphone market, really shows that the company really has no foresight into the technology trends that consumers are really pushing for…

There’s not going to be enough features in Windows 8 to justify purchasing a whole new operating system…

I won’t buy it… and I’m going to advise my customers, don’t buy it.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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zemified_c Windows 8: Don't buy it!

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