Microsoft Snatches Skype for $8.5 Billion – Here comes Windows LIVE Skype!

10tigllh_thumb Microsoft Snatches Skype for $8.5 Billion – Here comes Windows LIVE Skype!In a move that’d have made SO much more sense for Facebook to purchase Skype; Microsoft has stepped in an bought Skype for 8.5 billion dollars, in CASH.

Microsoft continues its shopping spree for customers.

Their declining performance and the fact that their operating system and office package is the main tools keeping them afloat has their investors worried.

They just paid top dollar to get in on Nokia‘s customer base, to replace all the Nokia phones with Windows mobile operating system— we probably won’t see that make any difference for a while, but what I’m not understanding and I don’t think Microsoft understands either…

They’re the outsiders now… they’re not the chosen ones anymore. Google and Apple are…

Everything Microsoft touches turns to hogwash. You can’t buy a brand and it’s customers and just slap Microsoft on it [which in this case will be called LIVE (so stupid)]. The same people that use Skype; you can’t expect them to stay with Skype… they’re going to go somewhere else.

Why? Why you ask?

Because it’s Microsoft. Microsoft has an army [legions] of developers and they can’t do what Skype has done. Microsoft already has a VOIP service with their MSN messenger and with their Microsoft Office communicator (sucks)— why didn’t Microsoft push their own products?! Why didn’t they just simply COMPETE?

I’m not able to think of ONE product or service that Microsoft has purchased that has turned out to be in their favor, or be MORE popular than at the time they purchased it.

Microsoft purchased the company that wrote Windows Live Writer; in 3 years there’s only been ONE major update. The previous version of Windows Live Movie Maker was better than the version that’s out now, and they did that because the way THEY wanted to go. And Microsoft had market dominance in the 90’s with Internet Explorer; they sat on it until it was a complete security nightmare and has the name recognition of crap before they decided to do anything about it— attempting to make a turd shine.

Point being is, Microsoft is buying a customer base and a brand. You can expect two things from this point on… less frequent updates on your version of Skype, less integration with Facebook and less input on the direction of how Skype develops; because Microsoft isn’t interested in what you, the users think, they’re interested in shaping things to the way they think people should use them.

The anxiety of Microsoft pushing Skype as a ‘required update’ for the Microsoft operating system just drives me to the edge.


Do you think Microsoft is going to ruin the Skype service/brand?

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pixy Microsoft Snatches Skype for $8.5 Billion – Here comes Windows LIVE Skype!

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