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image_thumb7 Free Screenshot Tool: GreenshotLadies and gentlemen, with as many articles that I generate for how to’s and reviews and other issues; having a good screenshot tool ready when you are is nice. I did a review on ZScreen last July, and it had some great features; namely the ability to upload your screenshots directly to an image service for hosting images online. But if you’re searching for something small, compact and has a little [just a little] Greenshot is going to be a good option for you.

When I do my reviews on software, I like to review the application like I have the potential to purchase it or use it on a regular basis; what I like, don’t like with a little in-depth notice on the application.

I’m going to be using the application to do my screenshots for this article and I will make an attempt use as many functions from it as possible and provide plenty of screenshots to work from.

The installation for the application is easy, nothing fancy, and there’s no mention of side applications or questionable options; it just installs and it’s ready to go…

The application runs in the system tray of the desktop…

image_thumb8 Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot

You can right-click on the system tray and get the base functions, if you don’t want to use the hotkeys for the preset options.

image_thumb9 Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot

There’s an option to start with Windows, and it’s just a check box to have it NOT load with Windows.

image_thumb10 Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot

Some other options for the application is the output…

I’ve been using the image editor for this application; it’s really easy and quick— nothing complicated about it. The option to bring up the editor each time is an option, not like some other screenshot applications and you can choose the other output options like to printer, eMail or a file [based on some presets] if you’re doing a lot of screenshots.

Oh, and as you’re doing the screenshots each screenshot comes up in it’s own window. So you can capture, edit and capture again, keeping all the previous Windows open with their original images…

image_thumb11 Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot

I would kind of like to see everything stay in one window with tabs for each new screenshot, but this works fine too. Normally, you’re not doing too many screenshots in one sitting.

Here’s the printer settings…

image_thumb12 Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot


Here’s the editor…

Again, the editor is very basic and quick; you should be able to do whatever you need to very quickly with the image copied, modify it and then paste it within just a few seconds.

image_thumb13 Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot

On the left is the toolbar for the markup. It’s got options for FILL, rectangle, circles, connections, arrows, text markup highlighting, obfuscating [blurring areas] and cropping.

There are some options at the top and [again] very simple and easy GUI to work with and functions are self explanatory.

All the images you capture and/or markup can be saved to a file…

image_thumb14 Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot

I’ll say that the program, even in an idle mode, used a little bit more memory than I’d like to see, but still minimal based on some other applications that do a similar function.

image_thumb15 Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot

I strongly recommend this application for is compactness and ease of use.
The price is awesome, at free.

I was able to use all the functions in this post for the screenshots taken, except for the TEXT option— just didn’t need it. wlEmoticon-smile Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot


I’d like to see an option, maybe later, with perhaps an extension or plug-in option to upload to various image hosting services, like Google Picasa or imgur, but not great importance in doing so.

download Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot 


download Free Screenshot Tool: Greenshot
I hope this helps…
Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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