Mar 06 2011

Smartphones/Tablets – The Keyboard Won’t Die

23y4jd1r_thumb Smartphones/Tablets - The Keyboard Won’t DieI’ve been talking lately about tablets and Smartphones; they’re really nifty and while the bulk of sales for 2011 and 2012 should be in the market of the tablet and Smartphones— this is why PC’s and Smartphones aren’t going to just rule…


There’s something inherent about using a keyboard to get your work done. And regardless of the invention of the touch screen keyboard; it’s not going to replace the keyboard. And some like me might say well; what about voice recognition? Voice recognition is a great way to offer an argument to this conundrum— but voice recognition is only great if are in a private place, or if you don’t mind the whole world hearing your thoughts and hearing you say them out loud…

See, that’s my point… in those times, you WANT a keyboard to get this sensitive information in to your PC or Smartphone.

Here’s this video; it’s a prime example of what I’m discussing. if Smartphones were so great and SO PC replacing, why do you need this?

Keeping in mind I know that this guys sounds really happy about this… and the option in the video is for the iPhone; yes, I know… but this isn’t limited to the iPhone

Here’s one for the Android operating system; the Motorola Xoom…— yeah, the new one, just released…


Not withstanding how novel this idea is… WHAT does the whole thing take you back to…


A desktop PC.

I hate to sound a bit obtuse here, but the fact is there’s a need to be able to sit down and do things with a PC; and there are things you WANT to be able to do with your Smartphone/tablet. It’s an innate requirement…

Again, voice recognition, is going to get better; but privacy is going to trump voice recognition.

I believe you’re going to start seeing, more of these configurations; coming back around to a quasi-PC, but with the ability to dock and undock it… making it your everything device.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c Smartphones/Tablets - The Keyboard Won’t Die

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