Mar 16 2011

Internet Explorer 9 won’t install on a Windows operating system- What a joke!

image_thumb7 Internet Explorer 9 won't install on a Windows operating system- What a joke!I’d speculate I’m one of the lucky few that Internet Explorer 9 won’t install on. I have Windows Vista HP with 64-bit operating system. I’ve been waiting to download and install the Internet Explorer 9 official version because I just didn’t want to deal with more Internet Explorer half baked crap. Well, seems as though I only waited the full term to get the normal half baked crap you’d expect.

Internet Explorer is the stupidest browser ever! It doesn’t install on the operating system’s that it’s built for?! Where in the Hell does this crap come from?

And you have this dolt over at ARS that’s discussing Internet Explorer 9 like it just went to the moon and back, and brought back Superman… what an idiot! How in the Hell does someone in their right mind call Internet Explorer 9 ‘the most modern browser there is…’ ?

I’m updating my system to be current, nothing more. I already have Internet Explorer 8 installed…

So, I went to the download website for Internet Explorer 9. I was attempting to download the 64-bit of the browser since my system is 64-bit.

sd2ojnpy_thumb Internet Explorer 9 won't install on a Windows operating system- What a joke!


You have the obtuse web installer again…

db4asxx4_thumb Internet Explorer 9 won't install on a Windows operating system- What a joke!

Why is it again that all the other browser seem to already have this part ‘smack down’ easy… and Microsoft makes it the slowest, the most boring process in the world?

They make you download a 500k installer, that downloads the actual installation files… obtuse; just waste more of my time, could you please?

And it crashes right here!

srnfzkza_thumb Internet Explorer 9 won't install on a Windows operating system- What a joke!

WTF?! What are you doing in the background? If there’s files to be updated, get them, if there’s changes to be made, change them— confound Microsoft. Can’t you make a working installer?

And the help on this is super!

image_thumb8 Internet Explorer 9 won't install on a Windows operating system- What a joke!

They can’t even give you a working LINK! You can’t even copy the LINK from the message! You have to type all that out, just like it’s to go find out what’s wrong with the installation of Internet Explorer for Windows, from Microsoft.

image_thumb9 Internet Explorer 9 won't install on a Windows operating system- What a joke!

Now, I’ve got all my system updates and patches, running sp2, just as Microsoft says and it won’t install.

This is a real knee slapper right here… Microsoft offer two different locations for installing Internet Explorer… if location one doesn’t work, try location two… And we’re back to— you’re Microsoft, MAKE AN INSTALLER THAT WORKS!

l1llpaz2_thumb Internet Explorer 9 won't install on a Windows operating system- What a joke!

I have also, downloaded the Internet Explorer installer from BOTH locations and neither work…

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  • cmw

    My guess is you have some spyware from one of the porn sites you visit?;)

    • I should have thought of that sooner..
      Yeah, how I miss my porn! If I cut out all my porn, maybe IE will install… 🙂

      I'll try that.

      Thank you,
      Larry Henry Jr.

    • polly o

      What a stupid answer.
      Every time a legitimate issue with any software on a forum/comment page there is always someone totally lacking in imagination and/or useful knowledge who guesses, that's right guesses, that it is either Norton Antivirus or Spyware from a shock/horror pron site.
      No it's not. It's just not and it never is.
      There is plainly some difficulty using IE9 on Vista.
      Let's have useful posts shall we?
      CMW you are a waste of my eyes.

  • PissedOff

    I'm in the same boat. I got it to install on one machine (Win 7 x64), but not a second machine running Win 7 x64. The second machine gives the same errors as you're experiencing. I'm thinking that IE 9 is such an advanced browser (hence, the need to "integrate" it with the OS) that it sometimes fails if conditions aren't ideal. Oh well, back to Firefox, Chrome, and Opera!

  • I am having the exact same problem getting ie9 to install on my win7 sp1 ! And no it won't work as an update by windows update either just tried today. I am getting error 800F081E. did any of you guys make any progress yet?

    Thanks in advance!
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    • lehenyrjr

      I just posted this; it's a list of all the websites I've been to, to try and fix the stupid problem, but nothing works.

      if this helps, great; if not maybe it'll give you a head start on something.


  • ms_failure

    I'm having this same problem both with IE9 and SP1. Nothing seems to help. And if one more MS forum tells me to run System File Checker I think my head will explode!

    I don't use IE anyways except for websites that absolutely require it, but its still nice to have the latest and greatest software installed. And of course I imagine the Service Pack is important. If I could play games in Linux I would swear off Microsoft anyways.

  • joe

    Same shit with me. What a joke! Just use FF 4.0 it installed within seconds, i have wasted an hour thus far on IE 9. and it is still not installed. I am sure it is the Symantec Endpoint Protection, but I am not willing to turn it off while on the internet, so I wanted to see if I can install not being on the internet, but of course I can't b/c the stupid installer yet has to download an installer. WTF!!!

    • Having a browser so freaking close to the operating system that like makes me nervous anyway and for all the trouble you have to go through just to install a browser; it's bull crap. I still have no answer for this issue. And still no updates. And I'm using the MSE from Microsoft; so I don't think you can blame Symantec exclusively=E2= =80=A6Until next time, Larry Henry Jr. =C2=A0

    • Having a browser so freaking close to the operating system that like makes me nervous anyway and for all the trouble you have to go through just to install a browser; it's bull crap. I still have no answer for this issue. And still no updates. And I'm using the MSE from Microsoft; so I don't think you can blame Symantec exclusively=E2= =80=A6Until next time, Larry Henry Jr. =C2=A0

      • not_that_important

        Another problem is – at some systems – when running through Winupdate it logs an installation in Reportingevents.log.

        If Winupdate is f*cked up and you follow the official MS guide about deleting contents of SoftwareDistribution the entire Win update history gets lost. So you’re stuck with an installed IE9 which is – from Win’s point of view – not installed but also can’t be uninstalled nor reinstalled because setup reports the “more recent version found”.

        And of course there won’t be any security updates nor it’s possible to reinstall IE8 – either because a more recent version has been found or the uninstall entries of IE9 are missing.

  • Roakus

    Im glad to see I am not the only one having issues with this POS. I actually was able to get it installed but it is now crashing before I can fully open a website. Looks like I will go back to IE 8 and keep using FF and Chrome unless I absolutely have to use IE

  • craig

    IE9 wont install on a Windows platform, tried everything suggested by microsoft and all i can say is cringe Microsoft. You cant even get this right, what a complete waste of time. Im very happy using FF 4 and wont install IE9 even when the updating bug is fixed, im put off forever now and actually resent the useless piece of junk. Its like having a passport for your native country and being refused entry because of some unknown reason the authorities cannot fix while they know you are legally entitled to enter and live in that country. Goodbye IE9 goodbye Windows as soon as i get a Mac !!

    • Obtuse stuff like this from Microsoft will drive users to another operating system and nowadays, that's not going to be a hard decision… Smartphones.

      Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,

      Larry Henry Jr.

  • hfm

    Having a very similar problem. My notebook completely locks up during install, the progress bar is about 1/4 of the way across.. maybe 1/3. I have to hard power cycle. Looks like i'll just keep using Chrome. I have ESET installed as my virus protection. I tried completely disabling that, didn't help.

    Win7 x64 – fully updated through Windows Update.

    • I still have the issue and I'm almost positive at this point it caused by a missing or rogue registry key. The problem with the installation of Internet Explorer 9 is that it's making assumptions that some applications are installed, or services are in place [which may not be] and thus crashing the whole installation process.

      Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,

      Larry Henry Jr.

  • Michael Schmitz

    Mr. Henry, I seem to be in the same boat you are in. I have a sneaking suspicion as to why this is happening, so I'd like to run a few questions by you:

    1) Did you build the PC that IE 9 is failing to install on?
    2) If yes, did you purchase an >OEM< version of Vista Home Premium?
    3) When I open up Windows Update and click on "Restore Hidden Updates" I get the following list:
    Security Update for Windows Vista (KB2393802)
    Security Update for Windows Vista (KB977165)
    Security Update for Windows Vista (KB979683)
    Security Update for Windows Vista (KB981852)
    Update for Windows Vista (KB971029)
    Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista

    Without exception, I "hid" all of these "updates" because after being reported as successfully installed, I was then prompted, repeatedly, to again install the same "updates." Since most of those are security updates, I went straight to, did a search on all the "KB#s" downloaded the full installation packages and tried to install them. When I did this I was told (and this may seem familiar to you) "This Update Does Not Apply to your System." I then assumed that Windows Updated had flagged the updates as necessary for my system in error, and ignored them all.

    If this is as true for you as it is for me, then it may be that MicroSoft is refusing to allow people who build their own PCs and buy >>>OEM<<< versions of their Operating Systems to update said OSes after a certain point. Without telling anyone that that's what they were doing…

    I use Firefox regardless, and I don't feel like wiping my drive and starting all over again just to install one program I never really use if I don't have to. Still, those "missing" security updates are somewhat worrying. :@

    • My system is an OEM version of Windows, but it came with the PC I purchased. I believe the issue is missing registry keys or entries… I'm not able to prove it, but like you; I'm not rebuilding my system for a browser that's crap— it's not worth it. The fact Microsoft can't create a build of their own browser that'll install is an insult to themselves… they're a joke.

  • C Stewart

    Also having problem downloading Explorer9. When I attempt it tells me I need to be on the Internet before I can install. Huh? My problem (although they don't say this) could be that my Windows updates are out of date. I have not been able to install updates since Jan 2010. Every time I try it just sits there and spins at about 13 percent done. And when I click it off no updates have been installed. My Explorer 8 is not working properly that is why I wanted to download Explorer 9. I even thought it might work if I first uninstalled Explorer 8, but when I look in the programs installed I can't even find Explorer 8. Everything else is there including Firefox which I use most of the time. I just worried about the missing Windows updates and thought installing Explorer 9 might fix that. Also Windows host is crashing often and won't let me into certain websites. Have to shut down and boot up again to have things work right.

    • I believe I get notifications every other day about I have updates to apply, but I'm not able to apply any of them; they all fail. I don't know that it's going to do any good, but I may take a 'weekend' and make an attempt uninstall Internet Explorer and reinstall Internet Explorer 9. Their own damn browser won't install… it's some sort of stupid joke. I believe their programmers are a joke.

      I appreciate it…

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      • C Stewart

        I would uninstall my Explore 8 if I could find it on my computer. Darndest thing when it is not even listed in programs installed. I am stumped as to what to do next.

        • Anonymous

          It is a Windows feature,that's where you should look for it.

  • pablo

    Hello, from Poland this time…I have exact same problem with english/polish version of official IE9, the RC version installed without a problem but this final is a joking crappy MS junk. It hangs the system during installation (somewhere in the middle of the progress)

    I don’t know what to do with this, I uninstalled RCandidate completely and still nothing. The worst thing is I can’t get the solution. Maybe soon when we install IE10 we will get MS Skype?;P


    I've resolved installation of IE 9 on my Windows 7 computer.
    Here is what I did: Opened up regedit, checked the key under Microsoft IE manager, there were 2, (IE manager and IE manager.1) deleted the IE manager.1 key in desperation and Eureka! When I tried reinstalling IE 9 I got a new window message stating that I had a more recent version installed, puzzled I checked my IE version from "About Internet Explorer" and it was updated to IE 9 …. Go figure, MMmm well it is Microsoft.
    Try it and see if it works for you.


    • xrayangiodoc

      Didn't work for me on my win7 64 bit system.

  • mrt

    No this tip doesn't work for me, neither as all the other suggestions, unbelievable, why isn't there a full IE9 package and more comprehensive error messages & install info…

  • Richard

    I ran jv16 register cleaner and boom ie9 installed corrrectly. I had the " ie did not finish installing" error.

    • Tariq

      This was very helpful. I find most people just link you to some KB that mosy of us have already read like a million times. Thanks tremendously.

      Another thing is most regisrty tools tease you by finding issues and making you buy before you get the fix. Not so with jv16. This is one I will actually end up buying instead of uninstalling, so thanks again.

  • James

    I agree, having all the same problems with IE9, its CRAAAP!!!
    What a waste of time..very frustrating experience!

    Dont try installing this unless you have nothing better to do for the rest of your life!!


  • Jerry

    ditto – why are they even pushing this out automatically if it isn't going to work – I spent several hours just trying to get my system to boot again

  • Dan

    Same here, on a totally fresh Windows 7 SP1 64Bit-Installation. I'm already regretting that I bought this piece of crap.

  • Dan

    Maybe this helps some people, I found a solution for my problem: I installed a fresh Windows downloaded from MSDN, dated May 2011 (Win 7 64 Bit SP1). Couldn’t get IE9 to install with this release. Yesterday I downloaded the latest version from MSDN and all updates worked perfectly. Of course this only helps people who want to (re)install Windows anyway.

  • Garlin

    This may sound too simple to be true, but it worked for me and I had the exact same error. Download the setup from the website, do not use auto update. Then right click the setup and hit "Run as administrator". Believe it or not that was all I did differant and it worked right away give it a try.

    • xrayangiodoc

      Didn't work on my Win7 64 bit system. Too bad.

    • EJF

      I tried running the install program as administrator but did not succeed. Only after cleaning the registry with CCleaner could I install IE9 with the option "Run as administrator". It finally worked. Thanx for the advice!

  • Steve

    Yeah.. I have a similar problem.. I have a brand new install of Win7 x64, which I'm trying to keep 100% up to date because it's a "Work ONLY" PC, and the security department will require it, and my WindowsUpdate says I need to install IE9, so I attempt to do so, and it downloads, then fails the install with some cryptic error codes. After their help was NO HELP, I decided just to go to the IE site and download the full installer like the good old days, and I right-click and run as administrator, and it tells me that the reason it can't install is because the version I already have installed is NEWER than the version currently on the IE site… Sure enough, I go to help/about, and find that I'm already running 9.0.8112.something.. SO.. For some reason, my WindowsUpdate still insists that it's not installed. I guess I'll just have to tell WU to ignore this one..

    I'm sure it'll all be better when IE10 comes out.. That can't be more than a couple weeks the way MS pushes out these IE flavors..

  • Sergey

    The only thing that helped me is deleting NetFramework 4 language packs and manually (not from WU center) installing IE9

  • Dinesh Saini

    This is not work for me!!

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