AutomateIt brings ‘smart’ to your Android phone

gx1ydxdi_thumb AutomateIt brings ‘smart’ to your Android phoneIf you’re searching for an application for your Android that’ll help you get things done smarter, faster, or keep you from having to do things you always do when you’re at certain places. AutomateIt can accomplish this for you.

Yeah, there’s other applications that do this too, like Locale and Tasker, but the GUI for things like this are always the difference makers.

The application has ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’. Triggers cause the actions to happen. For instance if the Android gets plugged in; that’s a trigger, and based on that trigger you can decide what action needs to happen for that trigger.

Of instance, if you want to have your Android go in to ‘clock’ mode as soon as you plug it in, you can do that. If you want the Bluetooth connections to only be active between the hours or 7am and 8am [while your driving to work] you can do that. You can also setup a trigger location; if you’re within 1 mile of a location, you can have your Android phone ring, vibrate, turn on wi-fi… stuff like that.



I was going to write all the triggers and actions up, but another site has already done that, so here they’re and here’s the link to the other site that I used for reference.image_thumb10 AutomateIt brings ‘smart’ to your Android phone


  • Any SMS Trigger – Triggers on SMS received
  • SMS With Text Trigger – Triggers on receipt of SMS Message with a specific text
  • Battery Level Trigger – Triggers on a defined battery level
  • Bluetooth State Enabled/Disabled
  • Bluetooth Device Connected – Any device or specific device
  • Incoming/Hang Call – Any call or from a specific contact
  • Headset Plugged/Unplugged Trigger
  • Location Trigger – Arriving/Exiting a defined region
  • External Power Connected/Disconnected
  • Screen On/Off
  • Wi-Fi Enabled/Disabled
  • Connected to Wi-Fi network – Any network or a specific network
  • Time Trigger – recurring time events
  • Background data settings changed – enabling or disabling the background data setting
  • GPS Enabled Changed – GPS Activated/Deactivated and started/stopped looking for current location
  • SMS from contact
  • USB Connected/Disconnected Trigger
  • Airplane Mode Activated/Deactivated


  • Notification – Shows notification on notification bar
  • Play Sound – Plays selected sound
  • Set Bluetooth State – Enabled/Disabled
  • Set Sound Mode – Normal/Vibrate/Silent
  • Set Volume – Sets volume of all streams or a specific stream
  • Set Wi-Fi Adapter State – Enabled/Disabled
  • Start Application
  • Enable/Disable other rules
  • Vibrate action
  • Enable/Disable Data Connectivity action – notice that this does not change your APN or background data state but actually cancels the data connectivity
  • Kill Application [Requires Root]
  • Launch Home Screen
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For me, simple functions like always going to wi-fi at a specific location is good; saving my battery until places I know I can use it.


download AutomateIt brings ‘smart’ to your Android phone 


download AutomateIt brings ‘smart’ to your Android phone

The application is free and it can make things much easier on your Smartphone, and you.

Try it.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 


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