Nov 30 2010

Windows Live Writer 2011 NEW Plug-in Website Launched

image thumb58 Windows Live Writer 2011 NEW Plug in Website LaunchedThe new Windows live writer plug-ins website has been launched and the interface is absolutely atrocious.

For a company like Microsoft to be so entrenched in technology and be pushing things that should be revolutionary in presentation, the thoughtfulness and operation of this new website is absolutely horrible.

With the old website you had the option for screenshots and the ability to make comments about the plug-ins that were listed. the new website doesn’t give you any screenshots, nor does it give the ability to leave comments for the developers, or the other people to figure out where, and/or how it’s something that they want to apply to their Windows live writer installation.

Even less is the website’s lack of a search function; there’s no search box or function on this webpage at all. The webpage has only categories to choose from, and tags.

Upon visiting the website for the first time I clicked on the first of six links for plug-ins that should be listed as active for Windows live writer, and every single one of them came up with an error indicating that the plug-in was unavailable.

This is fantastic execution…

image thumb59 Windows Live Writer 2011 NEW Plug in Website Launched

What I found more interesting about the website is that there’s no close integration between the Windows Live Writer application and the plug-ins. You would expect Microsoft to create some sort of more elaborate, integrated, process for installing plug-ins into Windows live writer [like Firefox]; instead they just link you to the regular download button and you run the standard installation.

The whole website screams depression…

So anyway, here’s the ‘new’ website to Windows live writer plug-ins.



The main link, it also covers Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Photo Gallery; which by the way has the same faulty links stuff too:


…just as depressing and horribly flawed.


Update 11/30/2010:
After my post, I got an eMail from the Windows Live Writer team- there were some issues with the site and apparently they worked on it and got the links working. I checked the first two pages and the links seemed to be working; I wasn’t going to check all of them. wlEmoticon openmouthedsmile Windows Live Writer 2011 NEW Plug in Website Launched

Thanks to JD Leonard (DMX) [w/Microsoft] on getting the site all corrected PDQ.

Update 11/30/2010:
Noticing that the NEW website has basically nothing from the old one and that the NEW website is actually a ‘downgrade’ from the previous one, I inquired— Where’s the integration, where’s the screenshots, where’s the comments section? My reply was that Microsoft would like to have that, but they don’t— Maybe in the future…

Yeah, that strategy worked out good in the Smartphone market too…

Update 12/03/2010:
Okay, so only a day after the site was launched the site was taken down… Apparently, the site was so horrible in execution and flawed on basic operation they [Microsoft]have pulled it from the Internet for now— I believe that was a good idea.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

 Windows Live Writer 2011 NEW Plug in Website Launched

pixel Windows Live Writer 2011 NEW Plug in Website Launched


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  1. Bryan Lee

    The plugin links don't work. I guess you scared them off :)

    1. Larry Henry Jr.

      Yeah, the site seems to be offline now; and the forums no longer report the NEW plug-in website. I'd speculate they couldn't fix it. Wow. Interesting.

      Always a pleasure…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

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