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[Guest Blogger – Bryan Lee]

cinch-logo_thumb Social Networking with your Audio using or cinch as most people call it, is a service by the folks at BlogTalkRadio. The service is an audio-based one that allows you to record audio via a phone number, computer, iPhone or Android phone.

Along with that, cinch also has some social media components where you can follow others and they can follow you back.

Another great aspect of the service is the ability to post your audio recordings to other social media services as well like twitter and Facebook.

Take a look at all it has to offer…


The recordings you make on Cinchcast are called your cinches and after recording, you are given the option to save a text description and/or attach a photo to post with your cinch. There is no preset limit on recording length, so you don’t have to feel rushed when recording your audio.

Other services like AudioBoo have similar features but you’re limited to five minutes. Next, you can also choose to share each post with twitter or Facebook so your friends outside of cinch can hear what you have to say. You even have the option to embed your cinches in your website or blog via the embed code next to each cinch posting.

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Another great feature is the ability to save your cinches in Albums. This is a great way to organize your recordings by topic or event. You can choose which albums are public or private. Each of these albums contain their own RSS feed so can use them each one separately in different websites or blogs if you so choose.



In the settings screen, you have your standard fare of profile picture, bio, your website, etc. You can choose to have your cinches sync with Facebook and twitter.

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There is also a notifications area to customize how to notify you of various activity on your account; like when someone follows you, replies to your cinch, or someone you follow posts a new cinch. You can choose whether to be notified via email, SMS, or both.


Uses and Conversation

I have to admit that I’m more of a listener of content on cinch, as opposed to making my own, but I see the value in this service for great things.

One of the prolific cinchers I listen to is Robert Scoble. He is what I would call a Cinchcast power user. I see him using the service on an almost daily basis for interviews with CEOs and power players in the Tech Industry.

cinch-toolbox_thumb1 Social Networking with your Audio using


In one of his latest cinches, he explains this very topic of the power of cinch as a journalism weapon.  The service can be used for things like breaking news. If you see an accident or something news worthy, simply call the cinch phone number and start recording, or use the iPhone/android app to record right from the scene.

You can use the service as a strip-down podcasting tool. Call your buddy up on the phone, then conference in cinch and record. After hanging up, the recording goes out your RSS feed or via your social networks.

One of the great conversational features of cinch is the ability to reply back to someone’s cinch. You can do this in the form of a text reply or record an audio reply. How great is that? I find this even more powerful than twitter or Facebook as a conversational tool. There are times when a 140 characters is not enough to get your point across and text can not always convey a message as good as your own voice.

cinch-replies_thumb1 Social Networking with your Audio using


All in all, I find cinch to be a worthy player in the social web space.

It’s got a butt-load of features and a thriving community. You can find me on cinch as bryansays ( Some other good users to follow include Robert Scoble , Justin McCullough, Amy@Cinch, Damon Nollan, and even Bill Cosby!


— Bryan Lee


image_thumb34 Social Networking with your Audio using Cinchcast.comThis submission is from our guest blogger – BryanSays…

Bryan is a web services, social media, and all things tech related guru. He’s never at a loss for a helpful web link. He’s the man of a 1000 websites! Bryan’s an IT professional in the Southeast TX area, doing Project Management. He’s been working in the IT field for the last 10 years and he has his own weekly podcast. You can visit him at BryanSays.Com, or you can follow him on Twitter @BryanSays.

We thank him for his time and efforts—


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