Review: Avast! Anti-virus

image_thumb4 Review: Avast! Anti-virusHaving antivirus software installed on your PC is just second nature now. It doesn’t really matter which operating system that you’re using, you really need to have some sort of antivirus software installed on your system just in case a new virus gets released into the wild.

You never know when a malicious virus is going to be introduced onto your system, and then not knowing exactly what kind of impact it’s going to have on your system. But basically anything of virus does on your system, without your knowledge, is a bad thing and steps need to be taken to try to prevent those types of situations.

A lot of people are led to believe that they have to purchase antivirus software and then pay for an annual subscription to keep their antivirus software working; I don’t like those ideas.

Free antivirus software has been available for a long time [for home users]. There’s no need to purchase antivirus software when free options are available.

I’ve been using Avast! antivirus software for the last three years on my personal PC at home and I have yet to have any problems, any issues, with anything happening to my machine.

The free version of Avast! antivirus software is very popular and is very respected over the Internet community. The free version requires the home users to register once here to obtain a free license key; it’s a small price to pay for free antivirus software.

With each release the software takes on more and more features and the latest version helps protect against malware.

image_thumb5 Review: Avast! Anti-virusThe software prevents, protects, against all kinds of viruses and security threats and also scans inbound and outbound e-mail, has an integrated Instant Messenger protection scheme and for people who are using peer-to-peer connections, it helps you with that too. and pretty much standard with all any of our software nowadays, there is the heuristic scanning, to try to catch viruses that are not currently in a virus database.

The antivirus software is easy to install and maintain; one of the things I really like about the software that they don’t inundate you with complicated settings- the information is straightforward and easy to use.

One of the features that I’m impressed with, and the latest version, is the sandbox processing. It’s available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It essentially grabs the sessions of your web browsers, places them into a sandbox environment, where processes are isolated and contained so that they can affect other aspects of your system’s processing; a sandbox processing is only available in the Pro version, but very much worth mentioning.

One of the most pleasing things about the antivirus software is that at regular intervals the virus databases are updated, so that you’re always current and your system is always protected.

I think the software itself is outstanding, as the free or the pro version, and there’s no reason why any PC should go and protected, or pay for subscription, with excellent software packages like this.

You can download and try Avast! free here.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 


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