Sep 13 2010

New Zemanta Plug-in Crashes/Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011

image_thumb12 New Zemanta Plug-in Crashes/Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011I’ve been attempting to use the Zemanta in Windows Live Writer for the past couple of weeks and everything seems be going fairly okay, but recently I’ve been experiencing problems with Zemanta.

Zemanta provides a plug-in for Windows live writer to assist the blog author in the composition of their new post. It offers suggestive, images, selected links/supporting articles and links to similar articles.

Zemanta recently updated their plug-in to work with Windows live writer 2011 [beta].

Here’s what I’ve got thus far…

UPDATE: Zemanta released a new version of their plug-in fixing previous issues with crashing Windows Live Writer and issues with Windows Live Writer version. Kudos and nice response from Zemanta!

image_thumb16 New Zemanta Plug-in Crashes/Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011

Recently, I’ve noticed that the Zemanta plug-in has started affecting the Windows live writer application; it’s causing the application to crash.

On the initial startup of Windows Live Writer everything seems fine, but what I’m noticing is that the Zemanta sidebar starts flashing continuously; it’s very repetitive.

The problem with the Zemanta sidebar doesn’t really present itself until you got around 500 words in your blog post. This is when you start incurring problems, and the errors seem to coincide with when the application is looking for related articles, or content, to link to your post.

Initially, you’ll get a notice from Windows Live Writer indicating that the application has crashed.  you can click on the notice, not to close windows live writer, and then you can continue with editing your blog post, but the errors will return- and more frequently.

Once the errors start occurring, the Zemanta plug-in will stop working correctly. you won’t be able to insert links, articles or images. This behavior won’t be able to be resolved until you restart Windows Live Writer.

My immediate suggestion for you [the blogger] is that, if you receive this error message from Windows Live Writer, that you immediately save your blog post; there’s no definitive moment that I can report that says that Windows Live Writer is going to stop responding altogether.

One thing that I’ve noticed with Using Zemanta‘s plug-in…

Using Zemanta’s sidebar plug-in, the sidebar can be closed, this will disable Zemanta‘s examination/update process; you can periodically open the plug-in, allow the plug-in to update, pick your images, related articles and apply  in-text  links, and then close the plug-in again. This should keeps Zemanta from crashing Windows Live Writer [as often].

If you’re wondering, yes I’m still using the plug-in because I find that the information that it offers is very valuable, but the issue that it presents is irritating, but having an understanding of how the issue is presented, and how to prevent it from happening so often make it just a little bit more tolerable.

I hope that the developers for Zemanta are able to take a look at this information, find a solution, and update their plug-in for Windows Live Writer.

If you’re using Zemanta, and you’re having this problem, visit the Zemanta website; tell the developers to get this resolved.


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zemified_c New Zemanta Plug-in Crashes/Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011

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