Requesting: Make Windows Live Writer 2011 Portable

image-thumb2 Requesting: Make Windows Live Writer 2011 PortableFrom the time that Windows Live Writer was released, in December of 2008, there’s been a consistent request that Windows Live Writer be a portable application so that you can use it on just about any USB device.

The request was made over and over to the Windows Live Writer development team, but 20 months after the release of Windows Live Writer diehard bloggers still not have been provided with an answer to their requests.

Instead an independent person decided to create a workaround that would allow Windows Live Writer to be placed onto a USB drive/jumpdrive; essentially making it portable. The workaround solution launches Windows Live Writer in a encapsulated environment, it captures the registry, data directories in various other settings that would normally be written to the local PC, captures that and stores it locally on the USB drive.

That solution has been working fine for the last 18 months, but now that Windows Live Writer 2011 is getting ready to be released, and the development team for Windows live writer has not addressed the issue, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to.

I decided to do a little test to see if Windows Live Writer 2011 would work using the same workaround technique; and it doesn’t. It’s disappointing to be sure, but I know a lot of people have been asking for it- there’s obvious benefits to being able to take your blogging software wherever you want to…. but Microsoft seems to have failed on providing a proper response.

I try to provide as much feedback and support as I can for Windows live writer, in the support forums.


Here’s the URL:

because of the lack of feedback from the Windows Live Writer team, I decided to leave a message in the support forum to directly address the issue of making Windows Live Writer portable.

Here’s the URL:


Windows Live Writer Team,
In the last two years [basically], there’s been a workaround to allow Windows Live Writer to function as a portable application. Many users have asked for this functionality, and the workaround is very popular…


Is the Microsoft Windows Live Writer team going to continue shun mobile bloggers by not supporting this option, or are they going allow users to use Windows Live Writer 2011 on a portable [USB] basis?

     And if not, what’s the reasoning behind it?
          Do they’ve a different solution Planned?

And even more so, if Microsoft isn’t going to support a PORTABLE [USB] option, can they at least make a plug-in to SYNC the Windows Live Writer settings using our LIVE accounts to another PC [mirroring the settings] automatically?

Thanks so much…


I have my doubts that Microsoft will even respond to this with anything other than a canned response, but it seems disrespectful on several levels to ignore the same audience that hasn’t made Windows Live Writer so popular.

If Microsoft is not going to build in the ability to have Windows Live Writer be portable, they should at least, provide a plug-in that can place your settings and information to a neutral location [Internet cloud] where you can at least synchronize information between PCs.

Although unofficial, there’s a nice program to export your settings from one machine to another; this makes Windows Live Writer quasi-portable, but it definitely can help you EXPORT/MOVE one config from a PC to another PC with very little effort [this includes, glossary, links, plug-ins and themes]. You can export from one, import in to another- very easy.

Download the Import/export Wizard for Windows Live Writer here:


And while this process works, it’s far from elegant. And I’m not saying this to be disrespectful to the person who produced the plug-in; they were trying to fill a hole in the program and they were doing the best they could, but this is something that really Microsoft should’ve addressed a long time ago.

So, I’m going to sit back and wait for Microsoft Windows Live Writer support to respond to my request. I might possibly get a developer that will give me more intelligent response than what I would normally get with your standard Windows Live Writer support technician [not trying to be disrespectful].

We’ll see…


Until next time,

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