Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]

xobniforThunderbird Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]Xobni has come on the scene like gang busters providing what seems a basic function that been should’ve been there and has been over looked for so long. It’s the perfect email client data miner.

Xobni has exclusively developed for Outlook. Microsoft must really be loving that the Xobni crew is putting so much effort in to Microsoft Outlook, but at the same time they have shunned the open source community.

And as I’ve always said, necessity spawns invention.

Thunderbird now has Xobni with SOCIALMAIL.

SOCIALMAIL is a plug-in/add-on for Thunderbird. For the time being it’s free and it’s EARLY [ALPHA] in development. SOCIALMAIL is from the same developer as RAPLEAF for Thunderbird.

This is what I’ve been watching for and hoping Thunderbird would add with the latest release, but that seems to falling apart.

As the story goes, his wife read or started using Microsoft outlook and really liked Xobni and then told him to create something for Thunderbird. With the role that RAPLEAF plays, it’s a natural step to do this plug-in development. And we should all commend him for making these efforts. I know I do…

image_thumb1 Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]


I’ve provided a screenshot of the plug-in installed in Thunderbird. the information is blacked out, but you can see the progress.

From the top, you get the users email address. Right below is going to be users stats and a picture of the user; it seems to try to pull it from where ever it can find an image- very nice. I think it’s always very nice to put a face with the words. I think that’s where it’s going eventually. The image pull can be a little slow, but it’s ALPHA [relax]

Right below, the phone numbers, but I find this doesn’t work yet – I don’t care; it’s a start.

Then it finds the social services that user is using. This would include, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on… Again, it’s a start and gives you an idea about the person’s social status.

Another great feature, the emails addresses that have been used in conjunction with this email contact- this is one of my favorite functions.

SOCIALMAILscreenshot_thumb Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]

Basically, anyone that’s been emailed, copied or blind copied are listed here. I’d like to add thus far that the results in this area are lightning fast. Notice the graph; stats are coming eventually.

Any conversations you’ve ever had with this person are automatically pulled and displayed; clicking on one of them will yield a wonderful surprise… The complete thread of the conversation.

SOCIALMAILscreenshotthread_thumb Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]

Closer to the bottom, all files that have been exchanged are listed; double clicking them accesses the file and it’s so simple to browse through all a specific users emails. So those calls where some one asks, ‘did you get my attachment’ – this will be a nice fast way to find out.

screenshotSocialmail_thumb Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]

And lastly, the URLs. I’m not getting anything on this, but I’m keeping this in mind that it’s an alpha release and at this point it can only get better.


in Thunderbird TOOLS>>ADD-ON’s>>SOCIALMAIL..

The options are self-explanatory…

SOCIALMAILoptionsscreenshot_thumb Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]SOCIALMAILRAPLEAFscreenshot5_thumb Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]

RAPLEAF options, from what I understand, bring in the social media functions; the ability to grab images and social information. AN API key is required for the RAPLEAF to work and the signup process is a little awkward, cause an API key has to be requested and then a key is emailed to you… it’s not automatic. I received mine back in 2 days.

I’m very impressed with this development. I can’t compliment the author enough for his efforts and I only want more [sadly].


I like it and I hope this helps.

L. Henry Jr.

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