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Aug 24 2013

RedboxInstant video streaming service has a long way to go

About a week ago, I signed up for my free trial of RedBoxInstant. the free trial is extended to new subscribers to RedBoxInstant and being a person that still rents DVDs from time to time, RedBox is the perfect option. It’s low cost and your ability to go online and reserve the movies that you …

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Feb 06 2012

PC Games Show Resurgence in Sales; Consoles not so much

The popularity of the gaming console, and the profitability of it, have just been astounding. A couple of years ago, you could have hopped on the Internet and read article after article about how PC gaming was dead and how the gaming console was going to be the future of gaming. I would’ve been one …

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Jan 03 2011

Xbox Kinect causes Red Ring Of Death on OLD Xbox Systems

If you’re contemplating getting a Xbox Kinect for your OLD Xbox, you may want to hold off on paying for, or even hooking it up. Reports of the Xbox Kinect flying off the shelves for Christmas were impressive to say the least, but the problem from the old Xbox users started rolling in and Microsoft …

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Dec 30 2010

Xbox Transformers: War for Cybertron

When I picked up my new Transformers War for Cybertron this year with the Xbox Kinect, I picked up a game that’s dear to my son and me; the Transformers War for Cybertron. If another Transformers movie was to be made; it should be done using this as a base. The sounds, graphics and environments …

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Nov 05 2010

Microsoft Kinect Continues To Grab Attention

Microsoft just started selling the Xbox Kinect; it went on sale November 4th and already there’s fear of kids getting in shape, technological racism, and property damage— it’s amazing! This is genius marketing for Microsoft. You can’t market getting healthy with games, or try to push/market racism as a plus to an ancillary device, or …

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Aug 30 2010

As Customers Wait: Netflix for Android

An official Netflix application is in route to AnDroid devices.  Yes- It’s coming… When is this going happen, but with any hard thought, hasn’t been decided yet. With the Apple suite of mobile devices nicely dressed for show, Netflix is snapping on the scope, and dropping the view finder, on AnDroid, next. There’s no mention …

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Jul 23 2010

Console Controllers Suck: PC Gamers Dominate–Even The Bad Ones

I don’t do much on games here. I mostly focus on doing and providing things that help you with technology and being more productive, but I just saw this article from TechSpot and I was in a moment of glee. Microsoft killed the cross platform project because PC gamers were devastating the console gamers; every …

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