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Aug 11 2010

LEHSYS Download Watch – 08/11/2010

These are some items that I notice, like to keep an eye on and also to notate any new programs/software that could be useful. I offer this as some links you should be curious about and if they can help you. There’s utilities for mounting folders and directories, and handling multi-page tiff files. There’s browser …

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Sep 24 2009

Where’s the ‘Presto’ Version of the Windows Operating System

QUESTION TO THE PUBLIC Presto is a release that allows the PC or the laptop to boot almost instantly [just a couple seconds] and I’m wondering where’s the Presto version of Windows Vista/7? I mean why can’t Microsoft offer a quick boot version of their Operating System just for baseline operations? If you really wanted …

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Apr 08 2009

Microsoft moves from Windows 7 beta to RC

Microsoft is offering several options for those who want to move from the beta version of Windows 7 to the release candidate when it comes out sometime in the following weeks. Unfortunately, none of them are as easy as a direct upgrade path from the beta build to the RC but rather require a fair …

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Mar 15 2009

Dual Boot: Windows Vista and Windows 7

If you are dual booting Windows Vista and Windows 7, you’d have noticed that once you install Windows 7 beta, you would have noticed that Windows 7 is now your default operating system. Right now Windows 7 is still in beta, so utilizing it as a default operating system is probably not your best choice; …

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Mar 09 2009

The 64-bit Count Down for Windows

For the past couple of years hardware manufacturers have been producing 64-bit systems. Microsoft produced a 64-bit version of Windows XP about seven years ago and for those poor bastards who actually loaded windows XP they realized that they were in a precarious situation because they were running an operating system that was not supported …

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Oct 18 2008

Because Nuance won’t; How to install Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 on Vista 64

A couple weeks ago, I posted an article about Nuance and the fact it has completely ignored the customers with Windows 64 bit operating systems. Periodically, I’ve been checking this ‘Knowledge base’ article to see if there’s any progress, and mostly it’s in vain. From the Nuance website: http://knowledgebase.nuance.com/view.asp?60VQ=JLJG&5d7r4B=iv56n%20JH No related posts. This one is …

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