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Sep 30 2010

Zemanta’s [Latest] Plug-in Isn’t Supported By Windows Live Writer 2011

It was announced just a few weeks ago that Zemanta released an updated version of their plug-in. I just reported on how the new plug-in from Zemanta was having issues with Windows Live Writer; causing it to crash. What a funny turn of event this is… Well, Windows Live Writer 2011 was officially released today …

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Sep 23 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011

With the release of Internet Explorer 9, there was a little bit of blogger news that came with it; Windows Live Writer 2011 is in beta right now and ironically so is Internet Explorer 9 [thank goodness] because the latest release of Internet Explorer 9 breaks Windows Live Writer 2011. The Windows Live Writer team …

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Sep 13 2010

Problem: Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Live Writer 2011

If you’re using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Live Writer 2011 you’ll notice a new problem with the latest release of the Windows Live Writer beta. The specific problem is that with every new sentence, every new phrase, in every new set of words or corrections that you make; everything begins with the capitalization. this wasn’t …

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Sep 13 2010

New Zemanta Plug-in Crashes/Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011

I’ve been attempting to use the Zemanta in Windows Live Writer for the past couple of weeks and everything seems be going fairly okay, but recently I’ve been experiencing problems with Zemanta. Zemanta provides a plug-in for Windows live writer to assist the blog author in the composition of their new post. It offers suggestive, …

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Jul 28 2010

Zoundry Raven Has What Windows Live Writer Needs

Since I downloaded the Windows Live Writer beta, I have been in almost complete disgust with the lack of attention it received in the 18+ month vacation from development. While I think Windows Live Writer is the best offline blogging application on the Internet, it seems to be missing it’s market; it’s missing that die …

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Jun 29 2010

Review: Windows Live Movie Maker–Wave 4 Beta – Awesome.

The Windows Live team recently released the beta version of the Windows Live Essentials. I’m trying to go through and mine out/examine as much as I can on the best parts of the application and show the improvements in the latest version. And as much as some people will hate to hear this, this release …

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Jun 24 2010

Review/Evaluation: Windows Live Writer Beta Wave 4

Microsoft released/push out a beta today of Windows Essentials, which includes Windows Live Writer [beta]. Windows Live Writer from Microsoft is considered to be one of the better/premium blogging editors out there, for offline blogging. Windows Live Writer was release in December of 2008. The last official release of Windows Live Writer was in January …

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Jun 23 2010

Wave 4: Windows Live Essentials beta – Released

Microsoft pushed a late communication today about the release of Windows Live Essentials. The beta package is to include Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, and Messenger. At the time of their announcement, the beta site isn’t open for downloads, but they say you can download the beta releases tomorrow [6/24/2010]. You can …

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Apr 19 2010

Windows 7 Voice Recognition – Still Lacks Decent GUI

In January 2009, I wrote a review of what was going on with Windows 7 and their voice recognition. At the time, Windows 7 was still in beta and was going to be released for some time [October 2009] actually. I was testing the functions and the recognition of the voice recognition in Windows 7 …

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Jan 11 2009

Windows 7 (b7000): Speech Recognition Testing

I’m not used reporting this, but I’m pleasantly surprised with the changes that Microsoft has made to the speech recognition portion of the operating system. This information is based upon the windows 7 beta version 64 bit. Like Vista, there’s not really an installation For speech recognition in Windows 7; It’s more like select the …

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