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Apr 06 2013

Plex Media Server: Applying the Updates/New versions Automatically


Plex is a wonderful application that allows you to easily organize your media library to where it’s the most beneficial. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to listen to MP3′s, watch movies or share pictures. Plex has the ability to organize this information and give it one of the best presentations you can have. In …

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Sep 20 2012

Using HandBrake to batch convert videos to Roku


It’s been about three months since I picked up my Roku.  From that point, it’s been a roller coaster ride finding all kinds of new stuff to do with it. one of the most exciting things I found that I could do with the Roku [w/Plex] was to be able to play the DVD ISOs …

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Feb 26 2011

LEHSYS Download Watch – 02/26/2011

These are some items that I notice, like to keep an eye on and also to notate any new programs/software that could be useful. I offer this as some links you should be curious about and if they can help you. Soluto is an application that I find is fascinating; I look forward to seeing …

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Jan 28 2011

Is Windows Mobile 7 going to have to admit that Android WINS?!


Microsoft has a problem, and they’ve to be on their back heels by now with the requests to put out some sales figures, and start discussing the success of the Windows Mobile 7, or the lack of their latest gift to the world. It fair to say that Microsoft was late to dinner on this …

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Aug 11 2010

LEHSYS Download Watch – 08/11/2010

These are some items that I notice, like to keep an eye on and also to notate any new programs/software that could be useful. I offer this as some links you should be curious about and if they can help you. There’s utilities for mounting folders and directories, and handling multi-page tiff files. There’s browser …

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Oct 21 2009

October 22, 2009 – Windows 7 has been officially released!

To all my fellow slugs out there- this is a big announcement. Microsoft has released their new version of Operating System; Windows 7. Pick your version, pick your flavor and lets all hope it’s received better than Vista was. Pick your poisons well…

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Jun 15 2009

In the Fall: Vista to Windows 7


Microsoft is going to release Windows 7 in October 2009. The Windows ME days of Vista are almost over. The Operating System that never really made it is exiting to quiet applause. ‘Microsoft is launching Windows 7 in mid-October 2009. This new operating system isn’t just a “Vista that works” program – it’s a new …

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May 05 2009

Windows 7 RC: Coming to a PC near you.


Microsoft has released it’s release candidate. This is basically it folks. If you want to see what the next version is going to look like; this is it. Next to nothing will change from now to production time. The long and short of it is this… download it, burn it to a DVD, install it, …

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Apr 22 2009

Microsoft doesn’t want users to downgrade to XP


A piss poor and half baked Vista released to a audience with less and fair reception. Microsoft offered the option to downgrade to back to XP, but with Vista almost out the door and Windows 7 coming up faster than anyone assumed; there’s a good chance Microsoft doesn’t want users to downgrade back to XP. …

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Apr 14 2009

Microsoft Tactics: Its good to be bad


Microsoft seems to be regularly ‘leaking’ the betas of the new Windows 7 Operating System; It’s going to the successor to the failed and awkward sounding ‘VISTA’; I don’t know what flamboyant and happy person came up with that one… Microsoft has ended the support for Windows XP; the life support [trusted and true] everyone …

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