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Jul 22 2013

Adobe – Stats for Nerds – playful or insulting?

Adobe Flash is one of those applications/plug-ins that ‘nerds’ hate for a few reasons. It’s bloated, it has security problems, it has one of the worst upgrade processes for a required Internet application/plug-in, and with the exclusion of Google Chrome adding this plug-in for your web browser is a PITA because Adobe doesn’t work with …

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Dec 21 2012

You should try voice recognition – for free with Google’s Chrome

If you haven’t tried speech recognition yet, you should really try to take a chance and go with it. The most common speech recognition software is dragon naturally speaking, but with tools like speech recognition from Google, after offering their services through a Chrome web browser.  Everyone can have access to speech recognition. Testing it …

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Feb 09 2012

Internet Explorer continues glorious usage decline

The days of Internet Explorer are slowly coming to an end, and any influence Internet Explorer might have had over the market place, or over the Internet, are damn near over. Seeing how Microsoft is able to maintain what grasp they have with the corporate world and their integration with the operating system, I don’t …

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Jan 27 2012

Google: The new two headed monster

This week has been quite a ride for Google. The reputation for Google has been under fire all this week; both for good reasons and bad reasons. The motto of Google has been historically ‘Don’t be evil‘ and a lot of people on the Internet seem to think that Google is kind of stepping out …

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Sep 27 2011

The Rebirth of Delicious.com – and in Stacks

Delicious.com is one of those bookmarking websites that you find incredibly useful, keeping your bookmarks online with a website like this is much more convenient than trying to keep all of your bookmarks in a web browser, but there really needs to be more to a bookmarking service… and when the YouTube founders Chad Hurley …

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Sep 24 2010

Google To Release Chrome v28 In Just Two Years!

Microsoft just released their latest version of Internet Explorer, version 9 Beta. I can remember a few years back when Firefox was releasing versions of their browser are quick basis just to get to the point where it equaled that of Internet Explorer. Google’s Chrome is the newest Web browser on the market, it’s roughly …

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Apr 23 2010

Microsoft Internet Explorer – Why Do You Even Bother?

Internet Explorer is just a disgusting example of what a browser should be and what it should do… It should be safe, secure, fast and compliant with current standards. All these words mean nothing to Internet Explorer. Why is Microsoft still in this ‘race‘ anyway? They’re losing ground on every point of what an Internet …

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Apr 02 2010

Firefox/Minefield 3.7a4Pre

The development of Firefox is moving forward, and thus far, everything is looking smooth. Mozilla’s efforts to publish a 64-bit web browser seems to be getting closer to fruition. The development of minefield has been building over the past couple of years. While other web browsers are floundering in the 32-bit world of web browsing, …

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Jan 20 2010

Adobe Flash v10 Uses High CPU – and no answer.

Adobe flash is a web standard for creating highly interactive environments inside a web browser; covering everything from video to interactive games. Just about every website you go to nowadays utilizes Adobe’s flash player. And in addition to the lack of support for 64-bit systems, the latest version of Adobe flash utilizes CPU of the …

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