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Nov 02 2012

Boxee TV – Not just streaming anymore

There’s this ongoing battle for who’s going to be the winner and set-top boxes for streaming content. You have Apple TV and Roku, and now you’re going to have Boxee at Walmart. Who would’ve figured that you’d be able to go to Walmart and purchase your streaming TV entertainment. I, myself, have a Roku and …

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Jun 13 2012

Streaming Content: We’re very close to cutting the cable…

In an earlier blog post, I was talking about how the future televisions was really not so much about televisions per se, but more about how to televisions of the future are going to be Internet enabled, and how there’s a push right now to integrate high definition, flat screen TVs with the ability to …

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Feb 03 2012

Video Chat: Income Tax Preparation is a cool idea

One of the more interesting things that people are being introduced to this year is the processing of the taxes using the computer. The past couple of years processing income tax with the Internet has been commonplace, but this year H&R Block has raised the bar on processing income taxes with the computer. In a …

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May 29 2009

Not enough options for solar lighting

When I get my electric bill every month I think to myself, ‘I could do better than this’.  I don’t really understand it. The local stores are all flooding the market with solar lights for your yard. They’re very popular. They have accent lights, spot lights, porch lights and just decorative ones in general, but …

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