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How to automatically download and apply updates for VLC Media Player for Windows

I’m a big fan of VLC media player. It’s a great application that plays just about every video format and audio format that you can think of; it even has some other functions beyond that. The media player has been around for quite some time and works outstandingly, it even tells you when there’s updates …

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Voice Recognition Software Can Make You More Productive

Voice recognition is here to stay and it’s only going to get better. The days of entering data in to a computer with a keyboard are quickly coming to an end. The infiltration of voice recognition in to just about everything is upon us.

How To Remove Ads From Skype

A little while back, Microsoft started placing advertisements in to the Skype application. I understand that Skype is, for the most part, a free application that extended to the public because of the advertisements that can be placed into it. The thing I didn’t like about the advertisements, as I understand it, is that Microsoft …

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Windows Live Writer: How to Open Old Posts

One of the more lacking and obtuse features of Windows Live Writer is the lacking ability to open old posts. In the previous version you were limited to 500 previous posts. Now that the new Wave 4 beta version is out, you can open 3000+ previous posts, but the catch is that Windows Live Writer …

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Free Anti-Virus For Windows Servers

I was recently in the hunt for anti-virus software for Windows server, but the problem with Windows servers are most server platforms are being utilized in corporate environments. And being as such, they’re expecting you to purchase an enterprise level antivirus software package, but maybe that isn’t your case. Maybe you just have a home …

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XMPP Jabber Is The Instant Message Standard

Recently Facebook announced that he was opening up access to its chat protocol. this means that just about any instant messenger using the jabber protocol and interface with Facebook. This makes much more sense than having to try to maintain so many different types of interfaces and protocols just for instant messaging. The Jabber protocol …

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3D Movies and now ESPN 3D Sports

Avatar was released in December of 2009 and it was a huge success and the drawing factor to the movie was it’s effects and the 3D presentations. television manufacturers are building/producing 3D TV’s for the generalize public and it’s looking as though EPSN wants to be the first to put it’s hat in the ring …

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Using two monitors on your PC/Laptop is more productive

If you’re not using two monitors on your PC [home/work] or your laptop at work your being short changed. Not only that your company is being short changed on productivity. If you think about how much time you spend switching between windows of information on a daily basis, you’ll realize that your doing this a …

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