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Microsoft $100 credit isn’t going to push users to Windows 8

You really have to give it to Microsoft on having operating system that’s almost 15 years old and people are still using it. Irregardless of the security problems and performance issues with Windows XP, it’s still an operating system that’s in full effect in lots of companies. Windows XP survived the release of Windows Vista; which was a complete failure.

Microsoft Recognizes Windows 8 As A Failure And Races To Release Windows 9

You have to know that Microsoft is feeling pretty stupid with the release of Windows 8, and the debacle/outcry of criticism over the removal of the start button, plus the crazy new interface that has nothing to do with being productive. Customers disappointment and anger with Windows 8 was so clear that Microsoft released an …

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Windows 8: Is it going to be another ME or Vista release?

It’s really devastating to Microsoft to look at a new operating system about to be released, and to be compared to previous operating system blunders like Windows ME and Windows Vista… both of those operating systems were supposed to be better than the last, but they found themselves in an awkward position, receiving a ton …

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Windows 8: Don’t buy it!

As Microsoft decides to drop another version of their operating system [Windows 8] in 2012, the only thing I can think of is how little an update Windows 7 was from Windows Vista. Windows Vista was the equivalent of Windows ME; it was a complete failure. Every single user that purchased Windows Vista was nothing …

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Is Microsoft too old to do anything new?

The leadership at Microsoft is beyond discussion. The mentality at Microsoft is built in the world of green screens and faxes. One has to ask, is Microsoft only popular because of the number of desktop and enterprise workstations; and the sheer number of people buying the operating system and the Microsoft Office suite? Yes. Microsoft …

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LEHSYS Download Watch – 04/21/2011

These are some items that I notice, like to keep an eye on and also to notate any new programs/software that could be useful. I offer this as some links you should be curious about and if they can help you. Browsers, remote access, audio editors and media players are always in fashion with users …

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Microsoft gives Vista users the FINGER with no Internet Explorer 10

With Microsoft not delivering on a mobile platform that works, and with their declining desktop operating system market dropping, Microsoft has decided to make an attempt to speed the process of their demise… by giving the finger to their customer base… that’s right— Microsoft has decided that Internet Explorer 10 is too good for Vista …

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PaperPort Viewer 7 Doesn’t Work With Vista or Windows 7

This started off as an attempt to establish an export/convert tool for PaperPort MAX files and change them to something more standard like a PDF file. I already had PDFCreator installed, so I just needed a way to print; it’s all a failure and here’s why. While it may not be important to some folks, …

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The Lack of 64-bit Disclosure by Hardware Manufacturers

I’ve my PC and like a lot of other users out there, it’s a 64-bit machine and in a lot of cases, as it pertains to software, it‘s fine, but this is seriously handicapped when you’re talking about hardware. It’s a whole new ball game when your talking new hardware; it’s about the hardware drivers. …

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Where’s the ‘Presto’ Version of the Windows Operating System

QUESTION TO THE PUBLIC Presto is a release that allows the PC or the laptop to boot almost instantly [just a couple seconds] and I’m wondering where’s the Presto version of Windows Vista/7? I mean why can’t Microsoft offer a quick boot version of their Operating System just for baseline operations? If you really wanted …

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