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Apr 18 2012

VirtualBox 4 Extension Pack: Why do you continue to do this?

I was working with VirtualBox the other day and while VirtualBox has been updating their stuff here lately, and I really don’t mind the updates, but what I haven’t figured out yet is why they don’t have a process in place yet to fix stuff like just downloading the Extension Pack. The extension pack is …

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Jul 19 2011

LEHSYS Download Watch – 7/19/2011

These are some items that I notice, like to keep an eye on and also to notate any new programs/software that could be useful. As usual, I’m focused on things that are useful to the average user. LibreOffice is one of my new favorites, VLC is always an absolute must have media player. Firefox and …

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Dec 28 2010

LEHSYS Download Watch – 12/28/2010

These are some items that I notice, like to keep an eye on and also to notate any new programs/software that could be useful. I offer this as some links you should be curious about and if they can help you. Oh my gosh, it’s been crazy for the end of the year. With everything …

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Dec 22 2010

Tinkering with VirtualBox 4 [beta]

I picked up the beta version of VirtualBox back about 2 weeks ago and I know I’ve reported on the using VirtualBox for doing testing, but it has lots of other functions as well, if you want to use it. I believe it’s a great idea for me for doing my software testing. But in …

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May 24 2010

Ubuntu 10.04: Installing Adobe Flash Refined

The previous version of Ubuntu was plagued by the issue of not being compatible with Adobe Flash right out of the box. Let me rephrase that, it had plenty of issues where people couldn’t install Adobe Flash and use it on Ubuntu. And I didn’t see it as a flaw of Ubuntu solely, but it …

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May 05 2010

Review: Ubuntu 10.04 Simply Impressive Release

Ubuntu 10.04 has been released and the final release version of Ubuntu is impressive; more than I think I’ve ever seen. I can’t think of another time I’ve been more impressed with a release of Ubuntu; or any other Operating System for that matter. The distribution of Ubuntu is still 700mb; which staggers the mind …

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May 02 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Display Issues On VirtualBox

The latest release of Ubuntu is out, and it’s fantastic! This is no joke; it’s an impressive release to be sure. Ubuntu developers have been climbing and improving with each release, and the latest release is the most impressed I’ve been so far. It’s got the fastest boot time I’ve ever seen, even from a …

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Mar 29 2009

VirtualBox: Test NOT on your own Machine…

When you’re working with as many different pieces of software automated basis as I am, you don’t really want to inundate your system with a bunch of orphaned registry entries and ghost software folders that have been tried and partially removed. What you want to be able to do is load software in a test …

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