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Nov 28 2016

Holiday Shopping + Free Shipping = Done.

With Christmas 2016 just a few weeks away and most people wanting to avoid the annual day of shopping terrorism called Black Friday, a lot of customers are turning to cyber Monday for their Christmas shopping. It makes perfect sense. You don’t have to leave your house, your safe, you might save some money, you …

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Nov 28 2014

Black Friday 2014 Shoppers Are Tech Savvy

Black Friday 2014 may possibly go down in history as one of the most informed Black Friday’s that have come our way. Modern-day shoppers are armed to the teeth with smart phones, Internet connections, tethered laptops and tablets, and comparison-shopping applications that find them the absolute best deals. The days of rushing to a convenience …

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Jul 12 2012

AutoHotKey: Tracking Packages Quick

Do you run in to situations on a regular basis where you have to track packages, update customers and make sure equipment arrives on time? And does your company have an antiquated system to handle those types of situations? If you said yes to those, you might like this… AutoHotKey continues to be one of …

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Jun 11 2011

LEHSYS Report – June 2011

I’m glad I do these reports, but not so often anymore. At first, it was more of my personal report card of what was going on, what I was trying and how things are going with the website. And putting efforts in to measure those things on mirco scale isn’t so fun. Blogging is a …

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Sep 30 2010

Shopping For Digital Video Camcorders

I have an older digital video recorder that’s a few years old. But it’s been a serious work horse and still offers feature and functions most digital video recorders aren’t offering. It’s small and portable, and simple to use. I love it. And when I bought mine it was $150. It’s an AIPTEK HD 720p …

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Jan 30 2010

LEHSYS Report – January 2010

In a comparison, December 2009 was by far the best month I’ve had thus far. I guess I can blame it on the traffic of the season, or whatever, but January  has been another coaster ride. Thus is just more evidence that being a blogger has it’s ups and downs, and if you don’t have …

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Oct 30 2009

Making the comparison: Replacing WinZIP with 7ZIP

Can everyone agree that ZIP is a standard now? I think it’s a standard now. It’s basic functionality was built in to the Windows XP Operating System; you could open ZIP [compressed] files without doing anything. I’ve an associate that absolutely swears by WinZIP. It’s the end all be all of file compression and all …

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Sep 01 2009

Rummages from Internet for September 1st

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at… Intelligence is very important- It’s a state of being. Often we are reminded of how important it is… ’cause some have it, some don’t. [lehenryjr] AT&T Sucks! They aren’t going to have our phone/Internet svc hooked up for 5 days. They don’t even come out to verify it’s …

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Mar 08 2009

Working with CD/DVD ISO’s

Create ISO (or ISO Creators) Creating an ISO is the same as creating an electronic copy of a CD without copying a CD. This doesn’t mean you can copy a copy-protected disc, but you can make back ups of CD like, personally created discs, music and driver CDs. These copies can be made and stored …

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Dec 12 2008

Updates in Disguise: ‘No Thanks’ Just isn’t an Option

When you install a program you expect it to install things just for it’s self, but nowadays it seems that the idea is that ‘…if Microsoft can do it, we will too’. The concept is simple; install a product with it’s ‘auto updater’. It’s purpose is to check for updates for the product you purchased, …

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