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Sep 30 2015

Upgrade to SSD: Give new life to older PCs and laptops

Last week, I got into a quick discussion with my dad about his Acer 7750 laptop. He was telling me that he thought that his laptop was getting slower and slower. Normally, this wouldn’t be an out of place comment if someone was using a laptop on a relative basis, adding a lot of files …

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Apr 06 2013

Plex Media Server: Applying the Updates/New versions Automatically

Plex is a wonderful application that allows you to easily organize your media library to where it’s the most beneficial. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to listen to MP3’s, watch movies or share pictures. Plex has the ability to organize this information and give it one of the best presentations you can have. In …

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Apr 15 2011

Microsoft gives Vista users the FINGER with no Internet Explorer 10

With Microsoft not delivering on a mobile platform that works, and with their declining desktop operating system market dropping, Microsoft has decided to make an attempt to speed the process of their demise… by giving the finger to their customer base… that’s right— Microsoft has decided that Internet Explorer 10 is too good for Vista …

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May 26 2010

Windows Live Writer 2009 Gets A Small Update

For those who live and die by the blogging abilities of Windows Live Writer, you’ll notice you got a small update today, or the next time you login to Windows Live Writer. It’s a notice as you open the program. There was no information provided as to what the slight update was to address, fix …

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May 05 2009

Security Risk: Using Older Versions of Web Browsers

While some browse the internet with reckless abandon, I choose not to. I make the connection that those who [using Windows] are informed and make wise decisions are using Firefox from Mozilla as their current web browser; it’s updated often, it’s fast, it’s customizable, secure and free. You really can’t beat that. I’m not going …

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Mar 25 2009

Released: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1 [64-bit]

With great anticipation, the new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been released. It’s not a 64-bit application, but it’ll install- and that’s what’s important. The 64-bit version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking can be downloaded from here. Hopefully, you’re not limited by 5gb cap and can spare some bandwidth, the download is 1.5gb. Nuance is going to …

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Dec 23 2008

Corporate Tech Support Sucks

As a person that has more than half a brain [that’s working], this makes me dangerous and intimidating to most corporate ‘tech support’ nut heads out there. The corporate tech support nowadays is the equivalent to the introduction of a voice mail box or an automated response to ‘if your skin is blue press #2 …

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Dec 11 2008

AnyDVD: No More Free Upgrades

For all those who use Slysoft’s ANYDVD for your DVD reading needs, you need to know as of Jan 1st, 2009, the boys at Slysoft are changing their update policy. Previously they offered free upgrades for LIFE. This policy will still be upheld for purchase before Jan 1st, but after that, if you purchase ANYDVD …

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Dec 03 2008

Review: PhraseExpress 6

The guys at PhraseExpress seem to keep upping the ante with each new release. For those who don’t know the application, it reduces the amount of repetitive typing/entry. The program can enter keystrokes, paste images, auto-correct words or insert paragraphs of information with just a few clicks or by setting up an autotext [short name]. This is …

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Nov 13 2008

Free Update: Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 for Vista 64

When I upgraded my system at home and purchased a 64-bit operating system, I wasn’t really sure of the problems that I was going to incur, but I was really surprised that a lot of the high-end games that I had worked perfectly on Vista 64 and one of my most productive packages Dragon NaturallySpeaking …

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