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Feb 25 2013

Smartphones: Giving Ubuntu A Solid Chance In The Market

Over the past couple weeks, I noticed that there’s been several articles and information about the introduction of a Firefox phone and a Ubuntu phone. I think it’s pretty bold that other companies would want to enter into a market that was already dominated by android platform, as well as Apple. It’s pretty hard imagining …

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Mar 02 2011

Where is Ubuntu in the Smartphone / Tablet Market?

It was a couple of years ago that DELL was starting to add Ubuntu to the PC offering as an alternative operating system. But right around the same time, there was a slow interaction of the new operating system called android. There was a lot of buzz around Ubuntu and they’ll offering computers with the …

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Sep 10 2010

No Voice Recognition For Ubuntu = Extinction

Ubuntu is a fantastic operating system and the strides that it’s made in the past couple of years to try to become a competitive desktop operating system, against Microsoft windows has been extremely competitive. But now with current technology and smart phones being what they are, I have to wonder about the future of Ubuntu. …

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Aug 18 2010

Is Google Android The Next Dominating Operating System?

If you’re keeping track of the technology trends in the market you’ll notice that Google’s Android is really making a name for itself and establishing itself as the dominant operating system.  The development and saturation of the operating system have been impressive to say the least. It’s a weird feeling to be in a situation …

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May 26 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Wallpapers – Awesome

The new Ubuntu wallpaper/desktop backgrounds are awesome. It’s really a fantastic collection of some stunning images/photos. I really don’t mean to be partial, but I think that the images that we get for Ubuntu are normally a bit more fascinating than the ones we would get from Microsoft. Microsoft is corporate based, life is restricted, …

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