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Jul 02 2012

Working on vacation… is it worth it?

In corporate America, or just incorporate business environments, there’s always that discussion about the workers taking vacations and although those people take vacations, they are still on the job. They’re still checking e-mails, there still checking voicemails, making phone calls or attending meetings when they should be sitting on the beach enjoying their free time; …

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Nov 07 2008

Productive Software: My Top 10 Picks

In the business world of a everyday sucky tasks and ta-do’s, it’s really hard to keep track of everything, and its even worse even you don’t have the right tools. If you’ve ever tried to open a can of chili with a dull spoon; these are the tools of the cubical-land office I’m talking about. …

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Oct 16 2008

Foreign Autos Going Green; GM is Going Broke.

With all the talk about the environment, green house gases and electric cars, I don’t think the Chevy Volt is going to cut it with the public. Why? Well one, the surface the electric car is the answer to a lot of peoples issues with high and fluctuating prices, but no ones seems to be …

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Oct 13 2008

Review: Screamer Radio

For those who know me, I really like the travel programs [USB jumpdrives] and simplistic applications that do what they do & do very well. I’ve been watching this freeware program for a while now and the author seems to really making some good progress with his efforts to make a simplistic stream lined person …

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