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Dec 31 2011

LEHSYS Report – December 2011

This year has been outstanding for LEHSYS; better than any other. I’ve taken a few days off from writing because of the holidays season, but I’m sure some of you’ll understand, but I plan on getting back to the nuts and bolts of things here soon. It’s important to make an attempt spend some offline …

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Dec 09 2011

Twitter is just a dead bird to me…

Image via CrunchBase Twitter is one of those phenomenons that seems to be very valuable to a demographic of people the have a level of narcissism and enjoy every point and opportunity to post everything of their life onto Twitter. Anyone who has a Twitter account created it for specific reason, but created a Twitter …

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May 21 2011

ISP’s see Netflix as a curse and a God send

This past week an article hit Internet about Netflix being the largest single source of Internet traffic on the web. At the same time this article was posted, I could hear the ISPs of the world salivating. This was just the kind of information that they needed to make sure that they keep their customer …

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Mar 04 2011

The Declining Internet Experience

The United States doesn’t have the fastest Internet service— it’s ranked 12th in the world. The most influential nation, the most powerful and it’s ranked 12th; and they don’t have the best service… other countries have already embraced the Internet, more than the United States and recognized the importance of it. And this isn’t limited …

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Feb 17 2011

The Future: Copying Movies once DVD and Blu-Ray discs die…

There’s a big who-ha about copying DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Hell, there’s been a big deal about copying VHS, cassettes, records, radio and all the other media type that have come before DVD and Blu-Ray; but that didn’t stop it from happening… I believe it’s obvious that the future of renting movies is going to …

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Feb 14 2011

Digg Comes Full Circle; should BURY itself.

A few months ago the social news website Digg was one of my favorite websites to visit and then they changed their design, function and overall feel for the entire site. Because of this design change and fundamental change in operation, the site was criticized, scolded and confound near abandoned. The launch of the new …

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Jan 27 2011

Mozilla Thunderbird: Managing Your Inbox

Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client favorite of mine, and it’s flexibility with the addition of plugins, makes it king with me. But you can’t beat the raw ability of being able to organize all the e-mails that are being presented to your inbox. Having the ability to automatically organize this information as soon as …

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Dec 01 2010

Google Buzz Seems Like It’s Not Generating Any

I have been using the Google Buzz for a few months and since then I have really not noticed any new traffic or attention since starting to use it. I have to wonder if this is going to be like another one of those Google projects that just never get any air under the wings. …

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Dec 01 2010

Thunderbird plug-in ThunderBridge

One of the major concerns of anyone using the Internet and eMail is the prying eyes of the all those routers and hops a single eMail has to go though just to get to where it’s going. Everyone of those communications hubs could be snooping your traffic via their eMail servers. But now, there’s a …

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