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Review: Windows 8 Voice Recognition Interface Continues To Disappoint

When Windows 7 was release it has voice recognition in it. My initial thoughts on the voice recognition was that it was good, but the user interface was for crap. Now, when I did that review, it was on a beta version of Windows 7; it was a release candidate— I recall thinking, this is …

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Using AutoHotKey to Hack Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is easily my favorite application for productivity. I speak, and it types; I use it for blogging and for work— and have been for the past six years or so. The latest release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, version 11, worked extremely well, and I understand that the purpose of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking is to …

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Windows Live Writer: Generic Syntax Higlighter

There’s a new plug-in for Windows Live Writer supports 187 different programming languages and that includes C#, VB.NET, F#, Java, PHP and SQL. The plug-in is expandable and you can easily add other programming languages. But the plug-in is based off of a GeSHi PHP library, so an Internet connection will be required of this …

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