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Sep 17 2013

Chattanooga’s EPB is the Nations Fastest ISP and Most Affordable

As a customer EPB, and a resident of Chattanooga, I was ecstatic to hear that EPB was drastically reducing the overall cost of the gigabit service to their customer base. EPB announced that it was cutting its gigabit Internet service from $300 month to under $70 a month; cheaper than what is being offered by …

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Mar 08 2013

The ROKU 3 Is Here! Let The Streaming Begin!

Roku has released the latest version of its streaming media box [3/06/2013], the Roku 3 for just under $100. As a Roku customer, I’ve been looking forward to this. I was surprised that the company was able to keep the release date hush-hush right up to the very edge of the release date. It’s a …

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Jan 27 2010

The Arrival of Internet Based Television

This article is based on my complete disgust for the way TV programming works right now. For the last twenty years, the Internet has been moving and growing; it’s morphed so many times and now it’s almost like it’s omnipresent. It’s an expected service of just about every device you’ve and it’s not the most …

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Sep 21 2009

If it’s not one, it’s the other… ISP’s Stifling Innovation

  It’s so hard to start with this post. I really don’t know where to go with this and yet it so bluntly apparent what the ISP’s are doing. And when I see these news articles and events it just starts crushing my dreams of a Star Trek world. When I talk to friends and …

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Jul 24 2009

iPhone customers have nothing but complaints about AT&T’s service

AT&T and Time Warner cable have a lot in common; they love putting the screws to their customer base. AT&T has been very popular with the iPhone, but the problem with popularity is that people become accustomed to a level of service and when the provider starts nickel and dime in the individual on services …

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