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Sep 04 2009

Rummages from Internet for September 4th

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at… Liked How to install Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 on Vista 64 Ah ha! It’s Thursday! I can almost loosen my head tourniquet to enjoy Friday! —Fridays are fun right? Jello me to make sure… [lehenryjr] Oh Lord, give me the strength not to kill the AT&T guy if …

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Jul 23 2009

Tron 2: Renamed as ‘Tron Legacy’

Tron is easily the most hated movie in my house [by my wife], but the movie itself is/was way before it’s time and every time I watch it, I’m reminded how long it took to film and how long it took to render with computer from way back when. Official Synopsis- Tron: Legacy is a …

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May 10 2009

Flexible, Transparent, Energy Producing Solar Cells for Windows.

Solar company Konarka has developed a transparent solar cell that it hopes will be built onto electricity-generating windows. The Lowell, Mass.-based company on Tuesday said it has reached an agreement with Arch Aluminum & Glass to use Konarka’s plastic solar cells in building materials, including windows. A transparent solar cell Konarka hopes will be fitted …

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May 04 2009

TWC: Overages- Not Charged Until You Sign Up to be Monitored…

Time Warner Cable is agreeably the worst Internet provider right now. They’re practicing old dial-up and metering services for Internet service. In the locations where TWC is ‘beta testing’ this new method of billing customer’s they have this online metering service that informs the customer how much surfing they have left before they start using …

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Apr 01 2009

Microsoft announces single-version Windows 7


Microsoft today announced that the forthcoming version of its operating system, Microsoft Windows 7, would come in just one single version, despite rumors that there would be five versions of the software. The operating system will simply be called "Windows 7." The company found that offering multiple versions of Windows Vista confused customers, and generated …

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Apr 01 2009

Green Technology: Smart Grid Maturity Model Governance

IBM and the Global Intelligent Utility Network Coalition entrust the governance of the Smart Grid Maturity Model to Carnegie Mellon‘s Software Engineering Institute, whose strengths lie in developing models such as the Capability Maturity Model. … … “The electric grid is the largest and most complex machine in the world and in places it is …

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Mar 29 2009

VirtualBox: Test NOT on your own Machine…


When you’re working with as many different pieces of software automated basis as I am, you don’t really want to inundate your system with a bunch of orphaned registry entries and ghost software folders that have been tried and partially removed. What you want to be able to do is load software in a test …

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Mar 25 2009

Released: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1 [64-bit]

With great anticipation, the new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been released. It’s not a 64-bit application, but it’ll install- and that’s what’s important. The 64-bit version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking can be downloaded from here. Hopefully, you’re not limited by 5gb cap and can spare some bandwidth, the download is 1.5gb. Nuance is going to …

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Mar 17 2009

Update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1 64-bit

As a registered user of Nuances Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I’m just as frustrated at the handling of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 AND 10 as everyone else is, but Nuance is close to releasing the 64-bit version of v10. If you search the support forums over at Nuance, you’ll find articles from 2006 requesting 64-bit versions of Dragon …

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Mar 15 2009

Dual Boot: Windows Vista and Windows 7

If you are dual booting Windows Vista and Windows 7, you’d have noticed that once you install Windows 7 beta, you would have noticed that Windows 7 is now your default operating system. Right now Windows 7 is still in beta, so utilizing it as a default operating system is probably not your best choice; …

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