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Feb 17 2011

Text Replacement/Expanders are Awesome

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a tech freak and that AutoHotKey is my passion for getting stuff done. There’s nothing that AutoHotKey hasn’t been able to do at this point. I have found more ways to get stuff done, better and faster than anyone could imagine. I like to sit back and smile …

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Feb 15 2011

Android: Security vs Taking Screenshots

Android has me morally confused on the topic of taking screenshots. The iPhone can take screenshots fairly easy, but the same task with Android is like pulling teeth, and while there’s options to taking screenshots with the Android operating system; how it’s done is morally questionable and that’s the part that has me perplexed. There …

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Jan 28 2011

Is Windows Mobile 7 going to have to admit that Android WINS?!

Microsoft has a problem, and they’ve to be on their back heels by now with the requests to put out some sales figures, and start discussing the success of the Windows Mobile 7, or the lack of their latest gift to the world. It fair to say that Microsoft was late to dinner on this …

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Jan 24 2011

Why NOW is the wrong time to buy a 3D TV

It’s not ready yet. I’m so surprised at the efforts of the TV hardware makers and Hollywood to sell the public something that just isn’t ready. And the theaters must be furious! One of the last things that theaters have to offer is the glamor of that 3D moment in a theater; wearing the geeky …

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Dec 08 2010

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 Has Limits

Windows Live dev team has placed a lot of effort in to the release of the Windows Live suite of applications and there’s been a few milestones crushed and some, not so much. I did a review of Windows Live Movie Maker a little while back and my initial review was based on what Windows …

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