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Dec 12 2012

Learn New Words With Google And Voice-Recognition

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re reading an article and the article that you’re reading has this fancy word in it; a word you never seen before and don’t exactly know the definition? Some people might know better to go to a website that has an online dictionary and to look …

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Sep 02 2009

Rummages from Internet for September 2nd

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at… OH me Oh my – Another GLORIOUS DAY AT WORK!! Absent the SUN and FUN… Coincidence? Nope- everyday average work week…quick spank me 4luck! [lehenryjr] Reading: Fantastic Synonym | Synonym of Fantastic and Antonym of Fantastic at Thesaurus.com http://tinyurl.com/5oyy6e [lehenryjr] Reading: Can "flexible broadband pricing" fix the digital …

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