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Feb 04 2013

How To Sync Documents From Paperport To Google Drive

The other day I ran into a situation while I was using Nuance PaperPort  and I needed to send the document very quickly over to Google drive.  I’m currently using version 14 professional,  and at the bottom of PaperPort there is typically a toolbar at the bottom allows you to drag-and-drop documents directly to specific …

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Oct 10 2011

Kwik Media: FREE software to organize your pictures from Nero

In the age of media, it’s important to have something to organize you pictures and other media, but NERO seems to be focusing on the most easy and popular media right now; the massive job of working with images… But does anyone ever stop and think about images after they’re on a memory card? Not …

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Sep 15 2011

Windows 8: A walk around with Windows Explorer

Having loaded Windows 8 DP [Developers Preview] on to my VirtualBox machine for testing… I was digging through the Windows Explorer, or the file manager for Windows and I thought I would pass on some things I was noticing with the new interface. The new Windows Explorer is utilizing the ribbon GUI  interface that’s being …

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Mar 04 2011

Android: Handcent SMS Texting Replacement

If your still texting using the basic, standard, texting application that comes with Android you’re really missing out.  Handcent is listed as one of the most, top 10 applications, for Android and simply by downloading and using it once, you’ll see why. Handcent extends the functionality Exceeded sending texts. It makes the process of sending …

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Dec 15 2010

5 Free Options for Online Backups

Having an off-site backup is a great idea in response to a situation where your PC could die on you. A lot of people don’t have the forethought to think about all their videos and pictures and important documents were being stored on the computers, and don’t think ahead enough to purchase an external hard …

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Oct 29 2010

Social Networking with your Audio using Cinchcast.com

[Guest Blogger – Bryan Lee] Cinchcast.com or cinch as most people call it, is a service by the folks at BlogTalkRadio. The service is an audio-based one that allows you to record audio via a phone number, computer, iPhone or Android phone. Along with that, cinch also has some social media components where you can …

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Aug 25 2010

Requesting: Make Windows Live Writer 2011 Portable

From the time that Windows Live Writer was released, in December of 2008, there’s been a consistent request that Windows Live Writer be a portable application so that you can use it on just about any USB device. The request was made over and over to the Windows Live Writer development team, but 20 months …

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Jun 23 2010

Wave 4: Windows Live Essentials beta – Released

Microsoft pushed a late communication today about the release of Windows Live Essentials. The beta package is to include Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, and Messenger. At the time of their announcement, the beta site isn’t open for downloads, but they say you can download the beta releases tomorrow [6/24/2010]. You can …

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Feb 17 2010

Digsby: Just One Stop for Instant Messaging

When someone tries to go around and be omnipresent with the Internet and all their buddies it’s kind of hard to do when all the different Instant Messaging protocols are different. This makes it so much better when you’ve a program/application like DISGBY around to bring it all together. It’s more than an Instant Messaging …

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