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Is Microsoft Surface RT a misstep for Redmond?

The release of Microsoft Surface RT have came under some critical reviews over the past weeks. Microsoft must be under some pressure to try to show themselves as a solid player in mobile devices in the years to come.  But in the past couple of weeks, a lot of information about Microsoft RT has come …

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Windows 8 bad; Microsoft Surface good – uh?

Microsoft is on the verge of the releasing their new version of their operating system, version 8. And although I said that Microsoft has done themselves a huge disservice with the operating system itself by messing with the overall look and feel and functionality of the operating system towards something that people only consider a …

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Minority Report Technology Available to You

This is the type of technology that were looking for- This is the type of device that can be integrated into the LCD monitors and computer displays to make computing and using a personal computer even better. While some manufacturers are focusing on the gadgets and devices that plug-in to control various different games and applications, this …

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