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Apr 29 2013

Techie Review: Nuance OmniPage Ultimate

A new version of OmniPage has just been released. I did a review on OmniPage professional 18 last year and and I tried to cover some of the features that offered at the time, but Nuance is continuing ever forward; pushing the abilities of OCR technology and the integration of the cloud storage. If you’re …

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Jun 12 2012

‘Cloud’ Storage and my 3 concerns

For the past couple of years everything ‘new’ has been about the development of the ‘cloud’. The new operating systems from Apple and Microsoft are going to integrate cloud storage as a primary function to the operating system. I understand the function that cloud storage can provide, but my overall opinion of cloud storage is …

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Mar 15 2012

‘Disc-to-Digital’ — you’re kidding right?

Media companies are the worst when it comes to being progressive with technology. Using a few short examples, DVD shrink and RealDVD are just two packages of software that were shut down by the media industry as forms of pirating; this is back in 2008. The problem the media companies had with software packages like …

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Mar 08 2012

Evolving: Google Market is now Google Play…

Leave it to Google to keep changing how they integrate services… the Android Market  is being changed over to Google Play. As everyone knows, the android market had evolved to include electronic books, music, videos, but the android market has really become something much more for Google and the Android platform. Now they’re pushing the …

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Jan 23 2012

MegaUpload brings the consequence of ‘cloud’ storage home… again.

Cloud storage is something that a lot of companies are trying to get into and there’s plenty of benefit to support the fact that ‘cloud’ storage is beneficial; it’s one of the biggest things that Windows 8 is going to be bringing to the next iteration of the operating system. But if you’re watching the …

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Apr 18 2011

DropBox Adds to Privacy Concerns of ‘Cloud’ Storage

I’m not a big fan of ‘cloud’ storage. Cloud storage for corporations and private companies, but for the private citizen; and if it’s of a private nature— absolutely not. This has been a concern of mine for a long time; it’s always been the same thing— it’s NOT secure and it’s NOT private, and you’re …

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Sep 01 2009

Google Servers went down.. the sky is falling!

It’s a big event when Google mail goes down. How does one do anything on the Internet without Google? There’s a huge dependence on Google to be there. Email, video, temp storage and so on. They provide so many services. Email is just a small portion, people use it for everything; interfacing with a slew …

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