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Televisions of tomorrow aren’t ‘Televisions’

I’ve been looking in to purchasing a new television. Well, not so much buying a new one, but I’ve been weighing in on the new ‘televisions’ and what they offer. Some of them now are really impressive. They have gotten bigger, lighter, thinner and more Internet streaming functions are being added to them [almost] daily. …

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Netflix Tells DVD customers- Save Money and Stream it!

Everyone knows what Netflix is and what they do and HOW they do it [very well, by the way]. Netflix has been blazing a trail of success pixy dust for a while now. It’s almost like they came out of nowhere, like a no name fighter, took on Blockbuster [the champ] and beat the Hell …

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What to Expect From Google Android TV

With Google looking to release a version of their Android TV next month, what can people expect from Google TV and Android? Well, the first thing to remember is that TV, isn’t a TV anymore, and the days of mindless TV channel surfing is about to end. Anyone who has an Android phone, knows about …

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