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Sep 30 2015

Upgrade to SSD: Give new life to older PCs and laptops

Last week, I got into a quick discussion with my dad about his Acer 7750 laptop. He was telling me that he thought that his laptop was getting slower and slower. Normally, this wouldn’t be an out of place comment if someone was using a laptop on a relative basis, adding a lot of files …

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Jun 19 2015

WalknBook IRulu w1002 Drivers [Windows Tablet/PC]

This is a quick post, and it’s really inspired by the trouble it takes to find drivers for Windows devices. From PCs to tablets, Windows requires drivers and without them stuff just doesn’t work right. Right? Right. So this brings us to the post of today for the IRulu w1002 WalknBook Windows tablet PC. It’s a …

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Jan 30 2015

Review: UCtech USB3.0 SATA Hard Drive Docking Station

A couple of week ago, I was approached by a friend of mine that wanted to know if I wanted some old SATA drives. The drives that he was offering to donate were older SATA drives and they didn’t have a lot of storage space, but he did have quite a few of them. It got …

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May 27 2010

Microsoft Losing Their Market Influence

In the history of technology and software, Microsoft has always been a motivator to get things done, to push things in a certain direction or to be the ‘de facto’ standard with almost any decision in the technology field, but within the last few years this seems to be changing. And while everyone is embracing …

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Aug 17 2009

Making a decision on data storage

For the common user, I think this is the most puzzling time to be buying a PC or a laptop and trying to decide on storage. Even for seasoned IT guys this can be a ‘roll of the dice’ type time on system storage. And this post is really for the general population I deal …

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May 19 2009

Netbooks are just today’s Stop-Gap

Netbooks are a simple example how technology is shrinking down and peoples desire to have their information with them and where it has to be portable. The Netbooks are proving them selves as  the fad of the day. They are just the temporary gap to the point where you go home, plug your phone in …

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May 13 2009

The Hard Drives of today are fossilizing right now…

With ever technology that we have or have ever produced the life cycle is the same. The technology is discovered, refined and refined until it seems like such a mundane act; ultimately the prices for these devices fall right out from under them. It seems the devices basically are just throw away items. And that’s …

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May 05 2009

SSD Manufactures keep Developing – Faster/Storage

As the race for the new HD model develops, the cool part is that it’s storage space. And as long as the developers can stick with the common file formats the different Operating System’s use then it should be fine. The SSD’s are going to be the future, but the end model/standards going to be …

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Apr 28 2009

Z-Drive SSDs with up to 510MB/s

OCZ has announced the introduction of its high-performance Z-Drive SSDs, a new line of PCI Express solid state drives which the company first showcased earlier this year at CeBIT. Available in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB capacities, the new offering comprises of up to four 256GB drives set up in a RAID 0 array and housed …

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Apr 23 2009

Linux is Throwing Big Body Shots at Windows

The long standing architecture of have or using a PC is that you’ve a Operating System on a disc. The Operating System is loaded on to a PC hard drive from the disc and then once loaded you run the Operating System from a system hard drive; that’s the old way. While Linux is mainstream …

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