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May 17 2013

Dragon Notes wants to help you organize your random thoughts

Now is definitely the time to be a curator of your thoughts and ideas. Nuance has released a new piece of software called Dragon Notes. Its initial offering seems to be in the same category as Evernote and Google Keep [web-based]. This move by Nuance is rather interesting because the company itself normally focuses on …

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Jun 02 2011

Android Market: What Google Considers Right And Wrong

Over the past couple of months in watching the behavior of Google, it’s curious as to what Google considers morally correct behavior. Google has decided to punish the android users who have chosen to reboot their android devices. Just recently they decided to deny access for pay-per-view videos for those users who have modified their …

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Jan 24 2011

Nuance Releases SDK for voice recognition for Android and iOS – at really high cost

For months, since the release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the iPhone, users of the Android phone have only been able to stand fast and wait for a [possible] Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Android, but the wait is over… Nuance has chosen not to generate an application for Android, but to release the SDK for the development …

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Jul 28 2010

Zoundry Raven Has What Windows Live Writer Needs

Since I downloaded the Windows Live Writer beta, I have been in almost complete disgust with the lack of attention it received in the 18+ month vacation from development. While I think Windows Live Writer is the best offline blogging application on the Internet, it seems to be missing it’s market; it’s missing that die …

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Feb 15 2010

Adventures in Scripting: AUTOHOTKEY

Everyone has pointless entry and clicking tasks that they have to do on a regular basis; whether it be for work or at home you can associate with this statement. The point to using scripting to remove or reduce that crap for you, make the computer do what you want it to do. I think …

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Jan 04 2010

Review: Avatar – Changing Movies Forever

This is my review for Avatar; I was on vacation when I saw it and I really wanted to share this. From the days of rendering Stop Motion to Green Screen special effects; Avatar has been the result of that pursuit. Avatar is without question is the most graphically and visually stunning movie ever made …

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