Tag: Spelling

Feb 09 2017

Open Live Writer is available at the Windows Store

I’ve been blogging for a long time and my favorite application to use for generating my articles is/was Windows Live Writer, but Microsoft has since sunset that product. It’s been replaced by Open Live Writer. Over the past year, since the Open Live Writer team took over the development of that application, the development team …

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Aug 23 2010

Composing: Spelling, Grammar and More

Three years ago, I started using a program to help me deal with text I was typing repetitively. That’s when I actually started getting more into what helpers were out there in the composition of documents and emails. It’s important to save time to get other things done, and if you’re not constantly examining what …

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Jun 04 2010

Observations: Technology Is Good, Until It’s Bad

This post is really a observational comment of another story from PCWORLD. The story goes on tell about a woman that got walking directions from Google and followed them to the letter; without regard to natural ability to attempt to use common sense. The story goes on to tell that this woman apparently without any …

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