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Jul 31 2012

Will the rebirth of Digg.com be good enough to save it?

For a lot of people, Digg used to be the standard in finding the latest and greatest news on the Internet, but after years of a lack of attention and abuse of the power users of Digg, the site has fallen on bad times. Really bad times… More and more users are leaving Digg because …

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Apr 27 2012

US Congress Votes Early on CISPA to avoid Cyber-Backlash

It’s not bad enough that citizens of the Internet have to deal with new technology, new standards and new fires dodge everyday; but it seems lately the archenemy of the Internet is going to be censorship. Governments seem to think that the Internet has been unregulated for too long and it’s time that the dimwitted …

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Feb 21 2012

Rant: It’s all about who wants to control the Internet

I was reading an article from the Wall Street Journal and I just had to stop… It infuriates me to read these articles… The Internet is so powerful a tool for knowledge and business and innovation; and changing so much everyday because of the openness of it; sharing ideas and information— it’s awesome, but then …

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Jan 31 2012

ACTA, SOPA and PIPA: Threats to the Internet way

One of the beautiful things about the Internet is the ability to exchange information freely with many other people on the planet without fear of having that information silenced. when legislation was proposed for censoring the Internet with SOPA and PIPA, the Internet rose up in protest to say that giving power to censor the …

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