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Jun 04 2013

Techie Review: Nuance Dragon Notes

Nuance has released a new software package called Dragon Notes. The point of Dragon Notes is to be able to capture random thoughts and ideas/snippets  of information and allow the user to organize the information for later. Dragon Notes has the ability to transcribe what the user says and convert that to text. The converted …

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Apr 29 2013

Techie Review: Nuance OmniPage Ultimate

A new version of OmniPage has just been released. I did a review on OmniPage professional 18 last year and and I tried to cover some of the features that offered at the time, but Nuance is continuing ever forward; pushing the abilities of OCR technology and the integration of the cloud storage. If you’re …

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Nov 09 2012

Is Microsoft making other hardware manufacturers upset over Microsoft Surface?

It’s very interesting that Microsoft has decided to get into the hardware game. Interesting because, primarily, Microsoft has been a software company relying on hardware manufacturers to facilitate a complete presentation of a PC. Apple has been the company that’s always been striving to marry the software with the hardware, in one package, controlling the …

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May 31 2010

PaperPort Viewer 7 Doesn’t Work With Vista or Windows 7

This started off as an attempt to establish an export/convert tool for PaperPort MAX files and change them to something more standard like a PDF file. I already had PDFCreator installed, so I just needed a way to print; it’s all a failure and here’s why. While it may not be important to some folks, …

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Apr 12 2010

Free Anti-Virus For Windows Servers

I was recently in the hunt for anti-virus software for Windows server, but the problem with Windows servers are most server platforms are being utilized in corporate environments. And being as such, they’re expecting you to purchase an enterprise level antivirus software package, but maybe that isn’t your case. Maybe you just have a home …

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Mar 12 2010

Making Mozilla Thunderbird Slender and Perfect

Mozilla Thunderbird is not one of the applications that I would consider outstanding from a vanilla installation. What make Thunderbird exceptional is its ability to have extensions; to make the program be more than what it is. To have functions that it wouldn’t normally have… This is where you can think of third-party providers for …

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Dec 07 2009

Download Free OCR Software – SimpleOCR

Just about all new scanners are coming with Auto Document Feeder (ADF) functionality. And if you aren’t scanning your stuff yet for quick reference or long term storage, you really should. But you can really take advantage of having these types of documents scanned in and sometimes you need to be able to get the …

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Nov 11 2009

Questioning SmartPhones: They just need to work.

There’s this jockeying contest right now for who can be the best Smartphone out there and I don’t really care; I don’t. They’re advertising these Smartphones like they’re the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s not swaying me to change or do any thing special right now. It’s not the feature set of the …

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Oct 07 2009

The Synaptic Package Manager for Microsoft Windows

Windows 7, the latest release of the Microsoft Operating Systems, is going to be released in under a month and while it’s getting rave reviews, it’s missing one of the most important functions an Operating System could have, an update manager. It’s an obvious function, but Microsoft has failed to address or notice the issue. …

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Aug 06 2009

Renting software: Would you pay for a software subscription?

I was recently asked for my opinion, in regards to software subscriptions,  and I don’t know in what regard a software subscription would actually work well. I understand the concept of anti-virus software and having subscriptions to make sure they’re maintained. You get the latest updates/patches for viruses, but it’s hard to say a substitution …

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