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Dec 12 2011

Repercussions: Thinking Before Going Social

Image via CrunchBase Like 800+ million other people I’ve got a Facebook account. And I have friends and relatives, and acquaintances that I communicate with on Facebook, but it’s fantastically striking to see comments that are completely off taste, or see comments that but you flat back in your seat screaming “too much information!” It’s …

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Jan 13 2011

Hootsuite Announces an Affiliate Plan for Pro Users.

Hootsuite, the social networking website hub; managing multiple social connections and easily my favorite website for managing multiple Twitter accounts and other social connections has announced an affiliate program to give back to those users who refer user to them and sign up for a pro account. I like the idea of getting an award/benefit …

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Nov 05 2010

Review: Digsby – Instant Messenger [a must have]

Some people just don’t understand Instant Messengers. They’re either too complex, or there’s too many functions, or application terminologies to be really married to any one. The MAJOR Instant Messenger protocols, are from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL, AIM, MySpace and Jabber. AND every single one wants you to download their Instant Messenger chat software, …

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Oct 29 2010

Social Networking with your Audio using Cinchcast.com

[Guest Blogger – Bryan Lee] Cinchcast.com or cinch as most people call it, is a service by the folks at BlogTalkRadio. The service is an audio-based one that allows you to record audio via a phone number, computer, iPhone or Android phone. Along with that, cinch also has some social media components where you can …

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May 13 2010

Facebook Is Destroying The Reputation Of Social Media

Facebook seems to be single-handedly destroying the fabric of social networking. The level of doubt in the operations of Facebook and its behind-the-scenes objectives seems to have all the members of Facebook asking serious questions about its privacy policies and what Facebook is actually doing with their information. A couple of years ago Facebook was …

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